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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

What She Packed, What She Wore

Last week I showed you HERE some of what I'd packed in my carry-on (whilst pilfering space in The Photographer's check-in 😉).

But what would it be like to pack without luggage weight restrictions?
  Well La Duchesse knows  -  she drove down from Holland where she now lives, and was able to bring over exactly what she wanted for her stay with us in Guernsey.  She said it was like having her wardrobe on holiday with her, and who hasn't sometimes dreamed of that?!

So let's meet La Duchesse, seen here outside our town church.

And here's who she co-habited with in Guernsey.

Bertie!  Yes, La Duchesse looked after him whilst TP and I were meeting up with his American family in Sussex and Devon recently.

 She generously finds space in her travelling wardrobe boot for carefully chosen gifts.  Lots of them!

It's like Christmas and birthday rolled into one!

So that's the backstory to today's post.
Let's go see what she packed in her boot (trunk)!

Dresses.  Beautiful summer dresses.  She had a whole string of social events whilst she was here - you wonder how she had time to take all those beautiful seascapes she shared with us eh?!

She packed 6 dresses, 4 were worn. 

The dress style in Holland is super casual so she doesn't normally wear dresses at home; her trip to Guernsey was an ideal opportunity to get the frocks out !

She packed 5 blouses/tunics, 4 were worn.

2 skirts, 0 worn
12 T shirts, 6 worn (too hot)
11 prs trousers, 6 worn (too hot)
5 pairs of leggings, 1 worn (too hot)

She packed for all eventualities but el skorchio prevailed throughout her visit, so leggings and long trousers were mostly surplus.

16 pairs of shoes, 14 worn!

5 bags

A whole range of necklaces and bracelets.

Now let's take a look at some of the outfits she put together from that little lot.

Her elegant new Joseph Ribkoff was worn for a wedding.

She dressed low-key elegant for a white and gold themed lunch/Herm party to celebrate a friend's 50th, perfect for the day.

Her beachwear worked its little socks off, thanks to el skorchio.
Doesn't she look a beach babe?
So, in summary, she was pleased with her holiday packing.
She wore a huge amount of what she'd brought over and loved having a choice each day.

Will she be back soon?
Well she left TWO hairdryers in her room - I think that's a "yes"!

Successful travel packing is all about pitching it right for the weather, where you are,  who you're with and what you do.   
The Four Ws!
 And getting that right can be a challenge no matter what your suitcase size.  
La Duchesse was pitch-perfect on the where, who, what -  and even the weatherman didn't foresee 3 weeks of el skorchio.  So 3 out of 4 ain't bad eh?!

Now let's hear what you do when you are unrestrained with your holiday packing.
Do you fill your boot (trunk)?
Or do you pack much the same as you would in your normal carry-on?

A la perchoine.


  1. A very stylish lady! I hope you took turns taking photos and gave the PT time off! xx

    1. Isn't she just effortlessly stylish?! Yes, TP stepped down for the duration, I'm particularly proud of the pics of the white outfit ... it's maybe time to give up my day job?!!! Hugs, x.

  2. I seem to have packed far too much. I sent some of last week's items back with miss 23. To make room for shopping for more, you understand. The Duchess is very stylish. I would say not all carryons are equal. Some accommodate more of the wheelage than clothes!

    1. Oh Anna, having to return holiday clothes 😉 but your strategy is clear! Your packing post is going to be interesting!! La Duchesse is so clever at putting together outfits. Try Aerolite, incredibly light and capacious, so pleased we bought out luggage suite. Enjoy your last few days of hols. Hugs X.

  3. La Duchess is a woman after my own heart - I never knowingly pack too little, much to Mr Mutton's disgust. She has great style. Pity that those lovely dresses don't get worn much in Holland.

    1. Oh Gail, I can imagine the conversations you two have come packing time!
      I wonder if she alone could get the ladies of Holland wearing dresses again?
      Hugs, x

  4. Wow - that shoe collection, holy cow! And yes, total beach babe! I would love for her to come pack for me - such ease and elegance! you have friends with good taste for sure!

    1. Yes, and that pic doesn't show them all!
      Your comment got me recalling one day years ago when she went through my wardrobe (on invitation of course!) and assembled a whole selection of outfits putting together things I'd never thought to pair. It was eye-boggling to have someone with style show me what treasures hung in there. So yes, I think you two would have fun, not that you need any help with style, smart lady, unlike me! Hugs my lovely, x

  5. Wow, PP, what a lovely blog about this here Dutch gal. I feel positively special now and the comments are so lovely too! I was in desperate need of a little positivity as we are still ´enjoying´ a continuation of the heatwave (well, I think there are some people that are enjoying it). Tomorrow temperatures will be up to 35 degrees Celsius again. Needless to say, words such as ´stylish´ and ´elegance´ uttered above, do not apply to me right now. I am currently just wearing ´heatwave survival clothes´ but your blog will keep reminding me that I scrub up quite well, given the right circumstances! Thanks, PP.

    1. A lovely lady deserves a lovely blog and your style is much appreciated by all! Glad you liked what I put together. Oh heck, mainland Britain and Europe are really hit by this summer of the relentless heatwave. As you know, Guernsey keeps more temperate all year because of the Atlantic but even these mid/high 20s temps are keeping me indoors in the middle of the day, though I do manage to wear a dress!! Hugs, my stylish friend, keep cool this weekend, x.