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Sunday 29 July 2018

Mama Mia - Here I Go Again!

Hi peeps, before we get started today I just HAVE to share with you.

(Credit Evoke Photography)

Isn't it an amazing shot?
Did you see the eclipse? The red moon?

It was cloudy evening but the clouds cleared for us to enjoy this fabulous event.

So, here I go again - another film review!

This is what I wore, see yesterday's post for details.
And we went to see Mama Mia, Here I Go Again!

We chose a matinee performance again so the audience was mostly mature, our kind of people.
The Photographer wasn't the only bloke in the cinema this time, the island ladies managed to drag out four others!

And as we were heading outside after the film there was much grumbling in the aged ranks about how we were all crazy to have been indoors watching a film on such a glorious day.  But that's just typical of the wild and bonkers things we pensioners do!  
We're livin' life in the fast track, folks ...

The Film

Well, it was a fun film.   I won't tell you the storyline, it's an upside down version of MM1.  The script was clever and the film filled in the gaps that perhaps lurked in our minds after the first offering.

It seemed a film of two halves as it got off to a slow start but then suddenly perked up and everyone started oozing energy and talent.  Though Lily James was vibrant and brilliant throughout, what a talented lady she has proved to be in this film.

Again as with the previous film, one gets the feeling that the older and more established film elite had a blast making this, having the chance to let their hair down and show us little snatches of what they're about when not doing their day job.

I love that all the actors' singing voices are used, it gets the audience to bond with the characters.  
I particularly loved the performances of the three older guys, er, not that I'm biased or anything, but what's not to love about them?  Colin Firth should do more comedy, loved him, especially in the finale.

So, the finale.
Cher rocked it, what a voice. Meryl was cleverly brought into the story and her musical performance was superb and poignant.  I shed a few tears at this point - didn't expect that from Mama Mia. 
And did I mention that the older guys were fabulous?  Oh, Here I Go again!

Oh and the finale was The Best Ever!

I rocked it too!
I found myself caught up in the mood and when I got outside I found myself dancing.

And we STILL don't know who the father is !

Now, come on girls!!  Let's get this party started!
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A la perchoine.


  1. So looking forward to seeing this film. Hopefully we will see it on holiday, in the open air cinema on Skiathos.

    Didn't see anything regarding the eclipse, sadly too cloudy. Every time there is an eclipse of some sort, I never get to see it.

    1. Yes, we thought we'd miss it too but when we came upstairs the clouds had suddenly cleared.
      Hope you get the open air Greece Mama Mia experience soon (see what I did there? Juxtaposing two musicals!!)
      Happy forthcoming holiday, x.

  2. Oh yes, the finale was fabulous! What a great show and yes, the actors all seemed to be having so much fun making this film!

    1. I'm guessing those guys are begging the producer for a MM3 - but that would be just plain silly!
      Hugs my frisky Floridian, x.

  3. I was looking forward to seeing the eclipse, every other night had been cloudless, but sadly thick cloud on Friday night.Update on the grapevine it is doing quite well but as it was cut back last year not many grapes, the carport roof now has new polycarbonate roof so it is much cleaner and clearer,but it now lets in more sun so it is now like a hothouse through this weather!

    1. Oh I hoped you'd update me, Polly. I think severe pruning helps the overall health so fingers crossed that next year will be good for Chateau Polly! I think the roof change will help too, though you'll have to wear a bikini when getting into your car now! Hugs my greenfingered friend, x

  4. I've only heard great things about this movie!! I'll be dragging my hubby there soon!!

    1. Well Jodie, despite the paucity of fellow blokes in the cinema,TP says he did enjoy the film, so I'm hoping Mr JTouch will enjoy it too. Hugs, x.

  5. Whaaat, we still don’t know who the father is? Lol. How I want to see this movie. Problem is it conjures memories of my BFF who dumped me after 15 years when I resigned. We saw the stage version and first one several times together. Won’t be the same seeing it without her. Hugs to you pretty Mama!

    1. Oh dear, so that was what you hinted at when you were working out your notice. Hmmnn, can see it was a difficult time for you. Sad to face but your life is abundant with love and friendship and these things are all part of life's rich pattern. You'll be fine with MM2 and I'll be sitting next to you in spirit, lovely lady, along with all your other mates, real and virtual ... and we'll sing out little socks off!!! Hugs, x.

  6. I never got to see the eclipse! I think I was still rough with an abscess. I knocked myself out for three days! So looking forward to seeing Muma Mia though! xx

    1. Oh you poor thing, I know how painful that is. I hope you've had that sorted now and you're feeling better. The film will bring a smile to your pretty face again. Hugs, x.

  7. Sounds like a fun film! My mom saw it and she enjoyed the theatre event too, everyone standing and singing. ill have to see it! Pretty peach sweater you are wearing. Hubby and I often go to matinees and we laugh about going early ... I just am not a night owl! That must have been amazing to see the eclipse, we saw it here in the States last time, just awe inspiring.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Thanks Jess, and it's comforting to know that it's not just the oldies who enjoy a good early bird!
      So pleased you experienced your last eclipse. These pacific natural events are so humbling and for a few moments we feel that raw spiritual oneness, that we are nothing but one people here on earth.
      Hugs have yourself a thrilling Thursday! X.