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Monday, 2 July 2018

Summer Reflections

Hi my lovelies, how's the weather treating you?  29 here yesterday.  I think I'm melting, so perhaps this is nature's way of burning off a few pounds of fat because it sure feels like that's what's going on.

But what a glorious British summer!
I'm on holiday in the UK.  I flew over a few days ago and oh my, it's even hotter here.
Holidays are a good time to sit back, relax and maybe reflect.
I thought I'd reflect on things I've worn over the past few months, and a few things I've been attempting to hunt down.

I'm still on the hunt for a yellow scarf.  At the weekend I saw this scarf IRL at Marks.  It's lovely and it's silk, which meets two of my requirements for a scarf, but whilst I love the combo of yellow and pink it's probably way too restrictive, and the £25 sealed it for me.  It's a no and the hunt is still on.

This aqua top is from Next and it is DIVINE.  I'll post on it in a few weeks. Get one!

I'm still struggling to style this dress but as were heatwaving, it's styling calls for nothing but some scrappy silver sandals.  Simples.

Here are some of the many outfits that I've been wearing (most on repeat-wear) these past few months.  Staples.

The sun hat has been on maximum repeat throughout June!

And I leave you with some popular spring posts, cool spring seeming such a distant past in this sweltering heat.




Whether you're on holiday or at home, I wish you a Happy Monday.

A la perchoine.


  1. Enjoy your holiday! I am melting too, sure wish it really did result in weight loss, now that would make it all worth it! You have me wanting a silk scarf but boy they are expensive! Love you in all your summer outfits but my favorite may just be the coral dress with the sassy fedora!
    Enjoy your holiday my stylish sista!

    1. Thanks, sweetie, I'm looking forward to wearing that dress again when I get home.
      It feels a bit like Florida in the UK right now. We're not used to humidity. And you would think the body fat would melt away, eh?
      Hugs, sizzlin' sista, x

  2. I found my mum a lovely yellow scarf in John Lewis a few months ago Eternal Collection (online) also have a good range of plain scarves in bright colours. Enjoy your holidays, the weather seems set to last for a few more days yet!

    1. Right, thanks for the tip, Gail, next stop the JL site.
      I'm like a dog with a bone on this quest!
      We have been truly blessed with this amazing summer, and every seems so grateful. Happy sunny days indeed!
      Hugs my sweet, x.

  3. I hope you're having a fab time in the UK, Mary and you're right it's bloody hot here!

    What lovely outfits you've been wearing and you really suit a hat. I hope you've managed to bag a few bargains whilst you've been here.


    1. Fabbo time, thanks, Vronni, and Sussex is doing me proud.
      I've been getting excited by the food prices and choice of clothes. So, yes I'm scoffing prawn salads and had a bit of an M&S trawl today. Gotta keep at it until the family arrive!
      Wishing you a fab time in Ireland, I'm gonna miss ya ��.
      Hugs, x.

  4. I love your yellow dress as one of your staples. Yellow is my favorite color so I'm like a moth to light with it...LOL!!

    1. If we two were moths we'd be fighting over the same thing in the wardrobe! Hugs, Jodie, hope you're having a lovely 4th, x.

  5. Aw, I've just come away from mums and there is a mahoosive drawer of scarves. I'm going to look for you when I go back. Ebay is a good place to look for silk scarves too. I just got me a vintage Jaeger one on there. Part of a post that I'm up to. xx

    1. No surprise that your mother was one stylish lady, Laurie. I know it's a painful thing to do, but keeping a few treasures is a lovely way to help through difficult times. You are so kind to think of me. I'll try ebay when I get back from hols, thanks for the heads up. Hugs, x.