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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Car Lust

I'm not a car person, per se.
I'm more a "gets me from A to B" sort of person.

But when recently I drove a courtesy car for the day whilst my little Peugeot was being serviced, well, I think I became a little smitten.

Within about 1 minute of driving this Peugeot 2008 
 I found myself uncharacteristically muttering to TP, "I like this car!"  It was comfy to drive and felt a little more luxurious than what I'm used to ... leather seats, cute little steering wheel, reverse camera, built in GPS.  Oh I could go on but all those little features are luxury for me.

I'm accustomed to driving around in a Granny Car.  Yes, I recently discovered that, on good opinion, my little 108 is a Granny Car.

Later when I returned the car I insisted that TP take a photo of me with it.  Seems he invited his finger along for the ride too!

The service lady asked me how my day's driving had been.  "Fantastic" I gushed "I liked the car".

And of course at that moment of gushiness and when my guard was dropped,  I was hooked in on the assembly line that is car salesmanship.

Whilst filling my little car with petrol no more than two minutes after leaving the garage, I was getting a call telling me about a fantastic deal on a 2008, immaculate and with the same high spec as the courtesy car.

(TP did his usual with my phone camera, he took about 50 stills of the exact same shot - and this is the only one without his finger in the pic!)

Back to the sales pitch.
Me:  "I'm not really looking at changing cars, I'm very happy with what I have."  and "Yes, that does sounds like a good offer but it's not good enough to get me moving!"

Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen, eh.

And so it continued.  A phone call giving me their best trade-in price.  The best package.  Offers that "my manager" has authorised but only for a very limited time.  Offers always bettering the previous "best possible offer" of course.

Now that I'm on holiday I'm getting the emails asking how my search is going, even though I've explained that
I'm not actively searching for a new car, per se.  And I certainly won't be whilst on my hols.  In fairness, these are automatically generated emails, sent because I'm now "in the system".

Oh the fun of the chase, eh?!

And all because the lady answered "Fantastic".

So, I'm wondering ...
Do you change your car regularly?  I tend to run mine down.
What are you driving?
And what are you like with salesmen?!

A la perchoine.


  1. I had the car my daddy got me in college for 10 years. Mr. Nine and I tend to know exactly what we want so we walk in and say find us this car and boom, a tad bit a wheeling and dealing and we’re good to go. I drive an Audi Q5 and we plan on replacing this one with another next year we love it so much. Mr. Nine is a big ole truck kinda guy so it’s Ford Raptor for him. Your idea of a new set of wheels is a beauty.

    1. Well of course I had to Google it and a Q5 is soo classy, Andrea, good choice. I love that you two do all the homework before then match up to your wishlist, sounds like the way to avoid mistake buys. Great tip. Wish I did that with clothes! Wishing you happy drives this weekend, my lovely, hugs x