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Monday 9 July 2018

When Corals Collide

My dear readers, I have been having fun.  Oh such fun!
My Dutch friend has been visiting me.  Well that's big fun I'm itself!  And I'm sure she won't mind me telling you this but she did bring a rather large amount of clothes for 3.5 weeks ... maybe she's staying?!!
She confessed to having been on a bit of a spending splurge this summer "because I've seen so much I've actually LIKED", was her explanation.  
"I've been quite restrained" I muttered.
Now hold that thought.

I've been attempting to step out of my neutral comfort zone lately and have been fooling around with coral, though had not found much choice in my local M&S store. 

See previous attempts with the colour here ...


Well fast forward to me being let loose in a UK M&S store and oh the choice that greeted me!

I spied these trousers and slipped them over my arm.  (Yes, these really are totally out of character for me)

This slinky top came next.

Then this soft loose jumper.

"Hey TP, come see the little outfit I've put together!"  I urged excitedly.  For I was.  Excited.  Super-excited!

Then I realised the coral in the trouser pattern could go either way when it comes to matching.  Bright coral or soft orange. 
The corals collide.

Like with this soft orange twinset in Cashmilon.

I thought this lot would work so well with my neutral espadrilles.

So then I started thinking in the direction of neutrals.

This was slung on my burdened arm but sadly they only had a size 8, and I am not that lady.

Then these chinos, but in a smaller size to the ones I'd tried on recently (SEE HERE) which were too loose.

And then oh heck, these black neutrals in modal are pretty good staples too ...

And then it just got too messy.  With left hand suffering repetitive strain injury from rapid rail-to-arm clothes selection and my right arm feeling definite muscle pain from the mounting burden of all of the above, I retired to contemplate what the heck I was doing.  And that's the thought I'd wanted you to hold.
For I guess I've seen a lot that I liked too.

I hope you too liked the selection I've put together.  I think it makes quite a nice capsule for summer and going into autumn.  I like the coral/orange with the chinos and there are plenty more colours to pick out from the trousers - blue, yellow, berry and, of course, the neutral stone shade.
All of the above are from M&S, a lot at 50% discount right now but many with only size 24 left, and I am not that lady either.

A la perchoine.


  1. I absolutely love coral! And I have very similar espadrilles in red. Great pics!

    1. The pics are from the store's website, Amy. Coral,it's such a cheerful colour, eh. Hugs x.

  2. You don't mention whether you succumbed but those patterned pants look fun. I find they are so good for around the house and on vacation as they don't show the dirt!!!

    1. Oh Christy, canny you, I thought I'd got away with my subterfuge! I DID succumb to most of the above but was too embarrassed to actually type the words! I soo like your bit about pattern not showing the dirt, you're my kinda gal, hugs x.

  3. Love all those pieces especially the pants.

    1. Thanks Pieta, the trousers are so out of my comfort zone but I fell for the pattern instantly. Hugs, x.

  4. Can't wait to see you in those juicey corals Mary! The patterned trousers are gorgeous! I really like those chinos too! And as they said on Woman's Hour recently, whatever we buy for summer we tend to use for years (I do), so you'll get lots of wear out of these lovely pieces!

    1. Thanks Gail but you'll have to wait, I'm in Devon and the juicies are in Sussex! What a wise observation, I have bags more summer things that come out each year. Why is that. I wonder? Hugs, x.

  5. Loved the shoes, and thought I recognised them then saw you got them in Marks. and realised they were the ones I had to return as they just caught my bunion. I did like the coral selection.

    1. Oh what a shame, Polly, they are nice shoes but I'm sure there are espadrilles out there which are kind to your feet. Good luck! Hugs, x.

  6. I am so happy you are having fun with your friend! Now when I come to visit I'll be bringing ALOT so make room for me, okay? LOL
    It's fun when you find things you like, I have been in a bit of a rut lately with shopping. I'm having a hard time since I work from home and no longer need work clothes. Gotta change my mindset!
    Have fun sweet friend!

    1. We're building an extension (addition) exclusively for wardrobes in preparation! Well my dear, you're now facing what I had to deal with on retirement - working from home/retirement is a whole new dress code and wardrobe. Hugs, my sizzlin' sista, x.