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Tuesday 10 April 2018

A Pop of Spring -- Coral

Such a vibrant colour for the warmer months and worthy of some further injection into my wardrobe.
Being a careful sort of person, I do an awful lot of research before purchasing now that I am retired and the budget is even smaller.
And I'm liking my light-touch approach to colour injection these days.  A few carefully chosen pieces can really create so many new outfits in an existing wardrobe.

I looked through my blog to see what I already have in coral (useful tool this bloggey thing).
 It makes sense to build on a colour you already own.

This coral jumper will slip nicely into my spring and early summer wardrobe. 
I've had this M&S trenchcoat for a few years and with the right persuasion this could call itself coral too.

A fluted sleeved top from Peacocks was a sure-fire hit last summer and it merged comfortably into my autumn capsule too.

With a prevailing wind I would even describe these M&S ankle grazers as coral.

Even this incredibly old La Redoute floral cardi could now,  after so many washes, be classed as having some coral in its flowers.

So I already have a top, a jumper, a floral cardi, a pair of jeans and a trenchcoat.
The question now is what does this little suite of coral need to integrate best with my core pieces for spring/summer and work its little socks off?

We'll, I can see that a vest or short-sleeved top would be useful, perhaps some better jeans or a plain cardi.  Maybe some shoes ...
Time to virtually shop!

First, a top to get twinsetting wit the flowery cardi.

The T might work, though the pretty vest would need a plain cardi.

Did someone say plain cardi?

Plain cardi is where the problem lies.  Seems coral can be just about anything from pale peach through to light red.  This cardi would go with the print vest but look mismatched with the plain top and perhaps a tad nauseating if I was to pair it with the fluted sleeve top.  The ankle grazers would fare well with this shade though.

This certainly would work with jeans and floral cardi.
So let's have another bash at a plain cardi to reel in this tricky colour.

The deeper end of coral.  These two work together and would create a twinset, so vital in a pensioner's wardrobe :-).

And although this little polka dot peplum top is classed as red, I reckcon it would work with the coral cardi above and look fabbo with white jeans or skirt, or over my white dress as a little jacket.
Now we're talking!

Softer corals are charming, and you can always test out the colour by tippy-toeing in via a print and adding a single element, like the top below with the jeans or the skirt with a coral cardi or top.

This little set would look so pretty with sandals or poshed up with heels, but sadly I'm not the only one thinking along those lines, as most sizes are sold out in this print.  You've gotta be quick when the Next catalogue comes out, you snooze and you loose.

I have this sleeveless top in ivory  a few years and I wear it LOADS, it's a perfect little top so I'm pleased Next is still churning this out.  So tempted by this coral ...
But as you see through this post, coral is in the hands if the designers so if you want a good match of this colour then shopping from the same brand is key here.


This Peacocks top would look fab with coral, black, grey or white jeans.

Footwear is a real challenge.  A shoe that actually looks coral is a real challenge.

What I found was a strong pink ... 

and red.  No coral, per se.

I guess with shoes one has to be a bit bold and throw in some wild cards and see how they work.
(Have you come across any coral coloured shoes, dear reader?  Please share in the comments box if you have.)

Now for a summer dress.  Over the years I've learned that linen dresses work for me.  Which is surprising as I'm not an ironer and it's a universal truth, linen creases.  But I get by :-).

This mix includes soft coral and this simple line is versatile.

And as a girl always has to have a cardi to handle for our British summers, there's soft coral around to team with the shades in this print.

This grey number is looking like a strong contender.  The coral can be picked out by jewellery and I like the idea of a nude wedge elongated the leg line. 

So, research done.  The decision process commences.

When wanting to pift up a season's wardrobe with colour, here are some simple steps to help whittle down the contenders.

1.  What do you have already that you can build on?  I'm talking colour and not neutrals here.
2. What suits you?  Think about what complements your skin tone and hair.  I put my hand against colours when shopping, it's surprising how many colours I reject with that instant test.
3.  What mixes well with your wardrobe's neutrals? Well here, it's easy - coral looks pretty spiffing with grey, black, beige, white, navy .
4.  What's missing?  Give some thought to what piece or pieces need to be added to the little group of colour you already you have.  What's needed to bring this show together to create some amazing new outfits for the coming season? 
5.  Limit yourself to just a few pieces and a small budget - spend little on transient colours and save the bigger spends for the neutrals that you'll go to for years to come.
6. Don't rush.  Let the pieces fall into your wardrobe in their own time.   Take a Light Touch approach.

Have you been thinking of a pop of spring colour?
Is there a gorgeous colour you want to add to your neutrals for spring and summer?
How about sharing your colour ideas or experiences in the comments box below?

Thank you for joining me on this little shopping trip today.  
It's been drain but now I need some thinking time.  
Cardi? Top?Shoes?  But it's easier to make decisions armed with a simple formula above.
Gone are the days when I could fill my wardrobe with disparate colours.  One-trick-ponies.  These days I have to think wisely before making any purchase and I actually prefer  it that way.  
So good for my purse, so good for the environment!

A la perchoine.

(As previously, the selection above was sourced from M&S or Next unless otherwise stated)


  1. Ooh I love that trench coat even though I prefer hot pink to coral. It's so nice seeing what everyone in the northern hemisphere is looking at for spring. I'm just thinking of what to do for autumn and winter if it ever arrives. Our Indian summer is still with us with record temperatures for April.

    1. Thanks, Pieta. So you're still going through your Indian summer then? That cashmere cotton is really going to have to wait for Scotland! Hugs, x

  2. Coral is such a pretty color! I am so glad you posted all these pics of you wearing it because it looks great on you. Such a cheery color n my careful friend, lol! I also love the advice you've given.
    Hope all is well my friend!!

    1. Well thank you sweetie, always so very kind. You are a lovely lady. All fine here, progressing. Happy weekend hugs to you, x

  3. Love the coral. I have coral jacket and skirt that I grown back into. (Weight loss). They are my starting point for this season. I enjoy your comments re wardrobe development ad retirement is around the corner (about 4) for DH and myself.
    Pat from Canada

    1. Hi Pat and welcome to my little space. So impressed that you've discovered some a fave outfit through I'm guessing some hard work, so congrats on the weight loss. Isn't it great to have a platform to start building on, hoping you'll find the coral items you've got in mind. I expect everything you add to your wardrobe now will be things that can take you into retirement. Hope you pop by again soon. Happy weekend hugs, x.

  4. I am wondering if there is a colour you do not look good in. Yellow the other week and now coral! Love this colour on you as well and thank you for the advice on your thought processes for building your summer wardrobe. I wear a lot of blue in all its variety, particularly in the summer, but need to break out a bit more!!!

    1. Hi Christy, that's so sweet of you. Pleased you liked the tips. I used to rush into a season, often buying disparate pieces but I'm so pleased to be taking a gentler approach. It would be interesting to hear what colours are tempting you away from blue!! Happy weekend hugs, x

  5. Coral is one of my favourite colours! You've picked out some great pieces here - thanks xx

    1. Thanks, Maria, I'm going to be checking out how you wear your coral as it can be a tricky colour to work with. I'm sure you'll have some amazing ideas! Happy weekend hugs, x.

  6. My how happy and cheery this made me as Coral is my favorite color for Spring and Summer, heck, it is my favorite color of all time and how well you wear it Mary!! Fluted sleeve fabulous there! Hope you and the Patient are doing splendid!! xx

    1. Well Andrea, I had rather hoped I'd please you with this post as I'd picked up on your love of Coral. And pineapples! And pumpkin spice!
      The Patient is recovering slow but sure, thanks so much for asking. Happy weekend hugs, x.

  7. Love your selection of coral Mary, it suits you and is just perfect for spring. Please stop over my blog and join in the #chicandstylish #linkup my friend, I'd love to see you there. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. Thanks so much Jacqui, and yes, I did stop by for a link up,thanks for hosting. Happy weekend hugs, x

    2. Thanks Mary, I have featured you for my favourite link up post this week, I do hope you'll stop over and add again. xx

  8. I'm a lover of coral too. I wore a jumper very old last weekend but looking down I see that o have coral flowers on my grey T today. What do you know, it's sneaking into my life light touch. I want to try more yellows this year.

    1. Oh don't know what happened here, my reply if a few days ago has disappeared.
      I'm sure coral is a winner for you with your colouring. I remember now, in my previous reply I then went on a journey matching Doris Day's feminine pastels with your colouring - the outcome was that I think yellow will look simply beautiful on you, my twin, so I hope you give the colour a go.
      Hugs, x.

  9. This is one of my favorite spring/summer colors. My closet is full of this color. Love all your looks with this color.

    1. Oh Amy, thanks, you are too kind. Looking forward to seeing you looking cute in coral this spring! Happy weekend hugs, x.

  10. You have some very nice coral pieces and they each look wonderful on you! Now I am wondering if I even own this pretty shade... If not, I need to! Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    1. Yes Jennie, go get yourself a pop of coral, it will look super with your colouring.
      Thanks for hosting, x.