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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Snooze and You Looze

Sometimes online shopping works.  Sometimes it doesn't.
When I was at a down-point during our recent troubles I went a-shoppin' online at Next.  I needed distraction, grounding, normality - and this did it for me, briefly.  It was a form of therapy during a difficult time.  I guess I entered the world of retail therapy.  I'd never done that before.

And then the bags started a-tricklin' into Chez Pout.

Society 8 Asymmetric Jumper

I'd set my heart on this grey jumper.  Perfect with my coated jeans in winter and white jeans in summer, thought I.  Nah.  Not to be.  SOLD OUT.  Don't you just hate seeing those words?
You really have to be quick off the mark with Next, snooze and you lose and I have to admit that my dithering over the "go to checkout" button meant I was one very sorry loser.

Never mind, plenty more big grey jumpers in the sea, thought I.  Well, not so, it turns out, for I found just two.  Perhaps we have entered a season of colour and grey is now so last winter.

Vero Moda Knit Jumper

The nearest I could find was this baggy affair but unfortunately we are talking  not baggy but huge tent.  I'd thought it may not be as voluminous as the pic IRL . But the model must be the height of a Watussi because IRL it certainly is a marquee.  It's going back.

Grey V-Neck Sweater (198548) | £15

My back-up plan was this v-neck.  Again it veers towards tent, though not quite marquee, more your little Glastonbury festival goer's tent.  But still a tent.  And the knit was very thin, maybe OK in August, but would I want to be wearing a jumper in August?  Well, the answer to that is "No", just in case there was any doubt.  So it's going back too.

All is not lost, however.  For after this sadly disappointing try-on, I've learned a vital lesson.  Don't be a ditherer - add to basket, go to checkout and then relax, my therapist's work is done.

A la perchoine.


  1. I have missed out on things so many times before too! Hopefully you find a similar option next fall or winter!

    1. Yes, you're right Laura, I'm sure to find a nice slouchy grey number when winter reappears in the shops. Thanks for popping in. Hugs, x.

  2. Oh yes my friend, retail therapy is so good for whatever ails you! I have learned to buy now and return later, as long as there's free shipping both ways that is. Sorry those sweaters (jumpers) are so large - that's just crazy!
    Hugs to you sweet friend and happy shopping!

    1. Well I'm going to listen to the expert and order promptly - this firm does free returns, so happy days ahead for moi!
      Yes so crazy are their sizes at the moment. I'm also returning two linen dresses which I just rattle around int.
      Have a rockin' week, sista, hugs x.

  3. Shucks, I have snoozed and lost on many an online peruse. I do hope it’s a sweet and happy day at the Pout residence!

    1. Uup I'm peruse and no snooze. All is totally well here, my pretty, we've been out walking, the sun is shining and all is well on Pout Planet. Hope everything is pink and beautiful at Chateau Nine. Hugs my honey, x.

  4. I hate it when this happens. This is when I head straight to ebay to look for said item. I often find sold out items there that people didn't want.
    Laurie xx

    1. Well thanks for this tip, Laurie, I'm off to eBay to test my luck! Hugs, x.