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Thursday 12 April 2018

The Power of The Twinset

 One could say that I'm a huge fan of the twinset.  Not a twinset in the traditional off-the-shelf sense, but one that is put together with thought and imagination. I enjoy taking a cardi and finding just the right sleeveless top to create my own individual twinsets . 


I was reminded of this recently when I wore this twinset which I created from a Peacocks camisole and long cardigan.  It's what I call a retirement suit.  
And yup same brand,  remember - esoteric colours are best matched within the same clothing range. 

 This got me thinking about other twinsets I have created . My most versatile has been within the Woolovers range where I bought a cashmere merino tank top which instantly gave me twinset options with several grey cardigans . Here with a long grey cardigan , grey jeans, and a dangley necklace to accessorise. 

 A simple switch to white jeans and scarf changes the look. 

 Here, a change of cardigan creates another twinset look, setting just the right pitch to team with this little denim skirt.

However, I do prefer wearing the tank top with the longer line cardigan.  I wore it recently with a simple grey wool skirt . The pop of colour came from my gorgeous Marks & Spencer's berry boots and a glass bead drop necklace . 

Woolovers appears to have discontinued the cashmere merino vest.  

  It's available in a summer mix Silk/cotton vest HERE -  I'm not a huge fan of that blend, but each to his own eh.

As spring sets in I'm busy injecting some colour into my neutrals.  Twinsetting will be an absolute requirement and this season I'll be adding my twinset piece in the form of a sleeveless jersey top.  Probably.

Like  I did when creating my yellow "twinset" here.

Perhaps mixing in some pattern into a coral twinset, HERE.

Or maybe letting vibrant colour do all the talking HERE.

Whichever route I take, the DIY twinset will be in my SS18 wardrobe, of that there is no doubt. It creates a cohesive look and instantly smartens an outfit when the pieces are worn together as a set.  It's my dressier look in retirement.  My retirement suit. 
A twinset that can go smart with pearls or casual with a scarf or simply worn unadorned. 
For that is the power of the twinset.

Now what about you my dear reader, are YOU a fan of the DIY twinset?  
Do you have any cardi/vest pairings planned for the coming months?

A la perchoine.


  1. I am definitely a fan of the twinset with the modern look as you have described. I am also a great fan of Woolovers and have recently bought a couple of cashmere/cotton blend jumpers. As a lady of certain age I find wool too hot even in winter. I was disappointed not to be able to get a matching cardi though. Think I will settle for a poncho.

    1. Aah Pieta, a fellow Wooloverer! Do they include the VAT in your price? They started doing that to me when they revamped 18 months ago and I was irked by their reply when I queried it so have only bought one sale item since. I haven't tried the cashmere/cotton, how does that feel and hang? Your idea of a matching poncho sounds beautifully edgy and perfect for your winter. I'm guessing you don't have truly cold winters so the blend sounds perfect for Oz in the colder months.
      Hugs, my sweetie, x.

    2. We have a site here in Oz so not sure how our prices compare. The cashmere/cotton has a lovely drape and is soft but warm. I'm hoping they will be a good buy when I travel to the UK in August. I'm starting in London but alo going to the Orkney & Shetland Isles.

    3. Thanks, Pieta, your UK trip sounds soo exciting. Sounds like you have a Scottish connection. It will be wonderful, especially in August.
      Back to VAT! Yes it must be difficult to tell unless VAT is specifically mentioned (it's a tax applied to goods purchased in the UK). Woolovers used to exlude VAT, so I know they have the capability. There are other companies which don't apply it, or a refund can be obtained after a bit of paperwork palaver, but as it's not worth my effort for a cardi, I avoid buying unless it's something minimal like my one £12 cardi purchase. Rant over, sorry to burden you !!!
      Gosh, bet you wish you hadn't mentioned your purchases, which sound super-lovely and I wish I could see you wearing them in August! X.

  2. I think i need to twinset up for work. You do this so well Mary. Great looks. Very clever to manage a yellow self twinned twin set x

    1. Hi AM, thanks my love. The yellow twinset was a lucky uncontrived come-together. Twinsets are my dresser retirement dressing, my retirement suit and they'd work equally well for corporate wear on days when you're not meeting a client or doing something high-flyer conference talk! I'm excited to see what gorgeous pairings you come up with. Hugs, happy weekend, x.

  3. Love it - my current version is some sort of tee shirt - possibly with writing or a pattern - and a cardigan. Works beautifully for travel!

    1. Oh Janice, your version sounds super, a little edgy with that writing going on, I'd love to see pics. I'd use a t shirt if the sleeves are very short but hate a double layer of fabric down my arms.
      How I wish I had the tech savvy to display my non-me pics in the helpfully professional formats you use. Best leave that one for "in my dreams"!
      Thanks for popping in today, hugs x.

  4. You creative genius, you! An imaginative twinset is a great idea to inject a little personality into an outfit. My favorite look is the gray twinset with the white jeans, beautiful on you my friend!
    Give my love to TP and I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

    1. You know Mrs R, I'm happy to take all your creative genius flattery, even though my skills may fall slightly short of actual genius!
      Oh we are two pea sistas in a pod all right, I adore grey with white jeans.
      TP says thanks; he's had a few good days of improvement and we're building up his outdoor walking - all's going well. Hope you have a rip-snorter of a weekend, it's warm and sunny here - just like Florida 😉. Huge hugs, x.

  5. You are so creative creating your own twinsets. I really the last look. That green is so pretty!

    1. Why thanks, sweet Amy. I fear that I may have entered a twinset vortex, I find myself thinking up twinsets
      as I fall asleep! Perhaps you might fancy sporting your version soon on your blog maybe?
      Happy weekend hugs to you, x.

  6. Yes, I like to add a cardi to a sleeveless or short sleeved top and I do like to match the colour when I can...loved your take on it especially the yellow!


    1. Thanks so much Vronni, matching the colours instantly ups the game of the humble cardi eh. Much hugs,x