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Sunday 22 April 2018

My Beach Holiday

I've been on holiday.
Well, not really, but it feels like I have.
We've been having glorious weather, mid 20s C and just simply sunny each day.
Which is good because we have family visiting for the weekend.  Our visitors are staying at the hotel down the road from us, to allow The Photographer plenty resting periods throughout their stay and it's worked out brilliantly, as we decided we would act as if we were on holiday too.

The Cobo Bay Hotel looked after our visitor’s so well that I fear Chez Pout may have lost them to those stunning views forever more 😞. 
Find Cobo Bay Hotel HERE 

On their beach-side balcony.  Isn't TP looking well!

We've gone from snow in March and cold temps throughout most of April, to a week of summer weather and temps in the 20s.  Straight from winter to summer.  No spring in between, or though it seems.

It's happened with such lightening speed that I was taken unawares and when it got to going out for a meal on Friday, I looked at my wardrobe and thought "What the heck did I wear last summer?"!!

So I went for a tried and tested "nautical" look.  Striped linen blend top from Magasin in Copenhagen (bought 3 years ago), white jeans from M&S (bought in the January sale £8, bargain!).

I topped it off with an East jacket as I knew it would be getting chilly when we ate al fresco on the terrace later, with the sun started to go down over the yardarm.  My Windsmoor cardi also tagged along, and was a handy drape for one of our visitors later in the evening

OK I'd better sneak in a sea-selfie, gotta be done.

The terrace restaurant served up some delicious meals, not all mine I hastened to add. 

Lemon sole.

Crab thermidor.

And for me, the humble crab sandwich.  My first of the season, methinks

My patient began to flag so we didn't stay to watch the sun sink over the horizon, but our visitors viewed it from their balcony after we left.

A beautiful ending to lovely day.

And the eating fest continued into Saturday.  A birthday lunch for one of TP's daughters at La Reunion.

Yes, another day, another beach restaurant.

I did my two starter trick.  I chose a gorgeous three cheese soufflĂ© to start the meal.  If you're in Guernsey and fancy eating the alltime best cheese soufflĂ© then book a table at La Reunion now!!!

A prawn starter for mains.

Some of the other diners' dishes.

Yummy petits fours ... and they're complementary, so double yummy!

And this strawberry cheesecake was declared The Best Cheesecake EVER by all who tasted it!

I leave you with some of the photographic memories of Friday and Saturday, courtesy of TP's other daughter.

Somebody braved the cold spring water!

And so on to Sunday.  We're going to see a film today.  Now I wonder which film that could be ...

A la perchoine.


  1. What a glorious day! I've been caught out with the weather too! Just dragging all my summer stuff out now. TP looks very well and I love your chosen outfit Mary.
    Laurie xx

    1. Yes Laurie, this gorgeousness has taken us quite by surprise. Not complaining though eh! Big hugs for the week ahead. X.

  2. Gosh you and your eatings out. If I lived on Guernsey I think I would too so don't blame you at all. So lovely to have TP on his feet again and up to going out. Yes, summer came with a vengence and was gone with a puff of thunder. Our wardrobes had a shock. Mine certainly did.

    1. Well, my dear twin, you are just going to have to come over and enjoy an eating out fest yourself!
      Our wardrobes must be in a state of utter confusion eh! This next month of swinging temps is going to challenge their adaptability, for sure.
      Hug dear twinny, x

  3. I want to come visit - you live in such a beautiful place and the restaurants serve dishes that make my mouth water! That picture of you and TP is perfect - you both look wonderful. You have the prettiest hair my friend!
    Enjoy your company and the wonderful weather!

    1. Well I think you and AM above should come join me for one super-fun bloggers' fest. A Guernsey Literary Society but with tastier morsels than all that potato peel stuff!
      Aww thanks hugely for the pretty hair compliment.
      Hugs to you, sista, x.

  4. Mary, I loved this whole post. Your adorable outfit, your handsome photographer, your delicious food, the beautiful views. Thanks for sharing all with us! And glad to see TP looking so well. :-)

    1. Oh Susan, I'm so pleased you enjoyed this. It's often a challenge to put together posts when we bloggers are busy with our lives, eh? So I was relieved to find one of our visitors had taken some fab photos I could share with you all. Hugs to you, my friend, x.

  5. You're making me very hungry with pictures of crab, cheese souffle and strawberry cheesecake! A great nautical look, always a winner for summer. The weather people said we'd be going straight from winter to summer and they seemed right until today, and we're back to spring and slightly chilly. I got my summer clothes out at the weekend but "needs improvement" is the assessment!

    1. As I've already mentioned in the comments above, come join me for a bloggers' fest, The Guernsey Literary and Yummy Food Society!
      Yes, we're back to spring again, our wardrobes must be very confused with this weather. Hope you're having fun assessing your wardrobe, looking forward to seeing the outcome on your blog soon! Hugs my lovely, x.

  6. That food, that view, you and TP looking utterly smashing and beachy vibe relaxed, well, I just LOVE it all! Enjoy summer arriving with gusto!

    1. Oh you are too kind, Andrea, but we'll tell ourselves we're smashing beachy-vibers as we dip our wrinkly toes in the invigorating (read freezing!) sea. Surf Retirement City, here we come! Hugs my pretty, x.