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Wednesday 21 March 2018

A Pop of Spring - Blue

Hi my darlings!  I really do hope those of you in the northern hemisphere are getting the weather that makes you start to make serious plans for spring.  You know, truly serious plans like how to revamp what's in the wardrobe so that it does justice to some warmer weather (hopefully soon, please!)

I'm at that stage in life when a lifetime of office wear and hoarding careful curation have left me in a position where I have a good solid wardrobe several wardrobes filled to bursting with tried and tested, good quality basics in neutral colours, which I'm on a mission to integrate into my current lifestyle.  Retirement dressing is smart casual and a careful mix of businesswear and casual pieces creates that classic smart casual style.

However, each time I look to my wardrobe and think of the coming season,  I realise a perk up is called for
And I do that with same-colour mini capsule injection.  Sorry, that's the best name tag I could muster.

As an example, I picked berry to inject into the colder months. That worked well with five pieces bought gradually, including luscious boots at a knockdown price!

And so to SS18, to use fashionistaspeke.
Where am I headed for my colour injection? I've been doing my research and I've come up with a strategy which I'd like to share with you.

Guidelines for Shopping the 5 piece Statement Colour Capsule
  • colour - create a beauty parade of a few colours that I like, that suit me. and can slot into my existing wardrobe
  • availability - identify pieces that are readily available in shops and in my price bracket
  • lifestyle - choose pieces that fit into my lifestyle, i.e. casual, and hopefully some of the time a bit smart!
  • create a retirement suit - buy a cardi and a top which creates a twinset, what I call my retirement suit, that being an duo that creates a smarter look when worn together
  • add some print - buy a scarf which includes the new colour but also has other colours from my core wardrobe (I rarely find clothing in a print that I like and would wear, so I opt for scarves)
  • consider footwear - maybe a pair of shoes/sandals in the same statement colour will work wonders as this pop can sometimes make the outfit on its own
  • save the planet - the purchases need not be new, think of the blessings of charity shop buys
  • less is more - maximum five pieces, otherwise I start to feel a bit confused, consumerist and ungreen!

My first port of call is a bright blue, because there's a lot of it around so it ticks my availability box, plus I like it and it looks OK on me. I give you a selection of items found at Next and M&S, which keep to the right hue within the range and are pieces that fit in with my life - so lifestyle gets a tick too.

I consider a long sleeve t shirt to be an essential in the new colour, I wear them so much, spring especially.

I couldn't get this photo any better but is a gorgeous slouchy cardi so it's here as an aide memoire.

Then of course as the weather warms, the arms will come out !

When elbow length becomes too warm (oh I can't wait!), sleeveless tops will fit the bill.

hey, this is a print that I actually LIKE!!!

The print and the plain tops will create some fabulous twinset options.

A slightly softer blue is worth considering too.

And see what I mean about a statement pop with shoes.  These Next heels would look so bloomin' gorgeous worn simply with a one-colour outfit in black, grey, taupe or white.

And when using the shoes only for the pop of blue, a scarf will link the colour nicely, top and tailing the outfit.

So my dear readers, that's where I've got to on blue.  I have a few other colours to share with you and the clock is ticking.
But I don't want to charge in head-first with my choices, preferring these days that slower light-touch approach.  And that means perhaps one piece at a time, see how it fits into the wardrobe, see what it needs with it and what the wardrobe still needs to complete the new statement colour injection, then go a-searchin' again.
No rush brings good results, just like my pop of berry achieved.

Please pop back again and join me on this wardrobe spring perk up - I hope it will help you achieve maximum benefit from a minimum spend.  And the same process can be applied by my lovely southern hemisphere readers who are now moving towards winter.

So, tell me. are you considering any additions for SS18?
How are you approaching these additions?
Is this bright royal blue luring you to M&S and Next?
I'd love to hear in the comments box below.  Go on, make my day!

A la perchoine.


  1. You do not make me blue because this blue is pure sunshine..such great pieces and such great shades!! You were Berry Beautiful, now you are BLUE-TIFUL!!!!!!! Happy day sweet friend of mine!

    1. Aww so sweet as ever, special lady. You'd better copyright that blue-tiful too! Wishing you fun and joy in Nineland, x

  2. Well, how about that sista? I'm doing blue today too! I really like the blue print top you chose - I am a sucker for blue floral. Actually I think blue would be so beautiful on you! I want to see you in it!

    1. That's a deal sista! I'm dashing over to see YOUR Moody Blue! Oh yes, I haven't forgotten!!! Hugs, sweetie, x

  3. Great ideas! I too am thinking about mostly concentrating on two or three accent colours with neutrals for spring. And probably will carry through some of them to summer and maybe add one other. I also have this blue on my list - stunning. Lise

    1. Hi Lise, our great minds are thinking alike. And yes, the two seasons merge in terms of outfits. I'm excited to hear what colours you decided on and which pieces, so I hope you pop back and share soon! Hugs, x.

  4. Gosh, great minds think alike!

    I was in Next yesterday collecting something for my daughter. I rarely go into mainstream clothes shops as I buy almost everything second hand. Anyway, I was very pleased to see lots of pops of bright colours in the shop (such a change from blacks and neutrals) and I spied the blue slingbacks and my heart went pit a pat; I think I also spotted a mustard pair as well...

    I think blue will look fabulous on you Mary and I liked your selection very much.

    1. Well, thank you darling and what great miner have! And how spooky too that those shoes make your heart pit-a-pat, they're definitely something I can visualize doing wonderful things to a wardrobe. Hugs, my sweetie, x.

  5. I love this colour and it's going to work well on you. I recently saw some sock boots in the Primark sale for £6, in this colour - I should have bought them! Thank you so much for linking up on #chicandstylish. x Jacqui

  6. What a great strategy Mary. Those Next shoes are fabulous - I saw they have them in lilac and it's seriously tempting me. I love your picks but royal blue isn't great on me. Looking forward to your next post!

  7. The color blue is one of my favorites to have. It is so easy to mix with other things.

  8. I do like those blue cardigans, a lot. It's a pretty and practical colour and I think will suit you. Well done you. Btw I've discovered that I have a cardisuit. I wore it this week at work, looked down and thought hey, I do have a cardisuit .

  9. It is such a pretty color! I don't think I look that great in blue...I think it looks best on blondes like you!

  10. Blue is a great staple colour for me Mary, much preferred to black. I’m hoping for yellows and creams plus a really good pair of white tailored trousers. I’m a huge scarf lover and enjoyed browsing these xx