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Monday 19 March 2018

Introducing Janna

Allow me to introduce you to Janna, my new model.

Isn't she stunning?!

Janna is wearing a teal dress from H&M and her daughter sent me this photo.  The cut and clever seaming makes this the perfect classic dress and her trim figure showcases the dress beautifully.  
 Janna has  accessorised it perfectly with bead layering.

She bought the dress in her local store in Holland recently.  It comes in other colours as well as this so flattering teal.  Her daughter took one look at her stylish mum and advised her to go back and buy up every colour!  And this is the first time Janna's worn as dress in 25-30 years - she's a natural eh!  
So never say never - give a thought today to what you may be missing out on from your wardrobe selection and if you fancy revisiting a style or a way of dressing you've turned your back on for years, then  ... go on, give it a try!

Now, I searched for the dress online as soon as I received the photo but sadly I can't find it on the site.  But I'm not giving up that easily as I reckon this is a "3 seasons" classic, making it a brilliant buy.   
So if you're looking for a stylishly classic dress which can take you from autumn through to the end of spring for many years to come, head over to the store for a rummage through the racks!

I hope you enjoyed meeting my new model today.  Janna is a truly lovely lady, filled with warmth and fun.  She's active and has a vibrant, get up and go, zesty attitude to life.  
She puts me to shame.  Oh and she's 80!

A la perchoine.


  1. Hi PP. What a lovely blog of a very special lady! She'll be pleased to know that she is 'traveling the world' today!

    1. Hi Duchesse, thank you and oh yes, this lady is VERY special! My lovely Janna is cruising, Pout-style, travelling the world without leaving the kitchen!!! Here's wishing you and your loved ones a super week, hugs xx.

  2. Wowzers! Janna hasn't worn a dress in all those years? She looks stunning and I hope she thinks so too. What a shame to hide that fabulous figure all these years. You have liberated sweet Janna!

    1. So right, Mrs R, sweet Janna has an amazing figure and I'm well-jel ! She has such a pretty face and as for looking her age - well, I think the pic speaks for itself eh?
      Even when I worked in Holland back 45 years ago, jeans and trousers for ladies were already de rigeur and I was slightly shocked to be served at my bank by a girl wearing jeans and a denim waistcoat! Now the lovely Janna will be standing out from the crowd in her stylish teal dress, and her daughter has told me she's going to follow suit and break out a dress or two this spring. Watch this space, we could be having a Mother and Daughter post before too long!!
      Hugs, my friend, enjoy your week, x.

  3. A beautiful lady wearing a beautiful dress. Please let us know if you manage to track down a stockist - I would love one in this color too xx

    1. Well, miss fish, it's not on their website so I suggest you run over to your nearest Hennes and pick yourself up one of these teal treats v. soon! And yes, doesn't Janna look beautiful. Thanks for popping in, have yourself a brilliant week, x.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh yeah, go Janna!! What a lady! Hugss my lovely, x.

  5. A very stylish lady and great she shops in H&M

  6. She's gorgeous! Love her dress! And I think it's great she bought it at H&M!