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Monday, 9 January 2017

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Normal ..

Yes, peeps, it's beginning to feel a lot like Normal.
My chubby face has returned to your screens!  I'm out of PJs and harem pants and into real clothes again.  So I celebrated.  The Slap went on; just a little.  I've been two solid weeks without make up.  The longest period since my mid-teens.  Wearing it today felt a bit alien, truth be told. But I've made a huge savings on make-up removal products, so what a good start to my frugal January.

My draw was towards jeans as the day was cold, dark and rainy.  But no, I went totally ladylike, even though my first post-lurgy outing was nothing more than to go a-hunting for an artificial Christmas tree bargain.  There were none.  But I was feeling so bright and festive, did I care? 

Today's OOTD


I give you Miss Tomato!

To celebrate my release from the stir I wore red and black.  Principles wool skirt (which I wore on my first ever post), Peacocks jumper, black modal vest underneath (not visible) and Tie Rack silk scarf in black/red/grey/ivory.  Clarks black wedge courts (yes, real shoes as well!).
This is the OOTD I left the house with.

But I had to have a play-around too because oh how The Photographer must have missed these OOTD sessions!

I chanced upon a spotted scarf hanging with some jewellery behind me.  Well, I had to give it a go.  Exposed neck.  Nah.

And of course, the Zara leoprint scarf goes with everything.

BTW, my hair's gone lank this past month. Any tips on how to revive it, ladies?

And this one is for Anna of Mutton Style.  I just had to add some fur for her.

But back to the top outfit, wasn't I posh for a simple trip to the garden centre?!  However, this was a necessary knee-jerk reaction and it had to be done.  I felt better for my efforts.

Right, two things.
1.  My change of OOTD location is due to something going on in my usual spot.  More on that in another post.
2.  I proudly wore my red today as I want to spice up my dressing for January. It's a no-spend month and I need to shop my wardrobe for "new" things.  So this week I am playing around with red, black and white. Haven't worn red in ages. It's going to shake up my entry into January!  It's wintry-warm yet it's a smart colour combo and I want smart right now.
I need to get these red-based outfits churning out as The Photographer needs to get back with the programme.  But you know, I really do think he's missed our OOTDs photo shoots :-).

So, dear reader, did I rock the red?
Are you playing around with any colours at the moment?
And how are you feeling now that we are entering this cold and dark part of 2017?

A la perchoine.


  1. Yes you rock red 😊. My favourite look is the top one. I like the scarf length and the contrast to the red. Glad you're off the lemsip and Prosecco.

    1. Re re-ply, when the crowd say Bo ... Select-it!!

  2. Aww thanks, Anna, yes the top look is what I wore but I needed a bit of a play too :0). I love the scarf, it's about 20 years old.
    You know, my second round of anti-Bs and gin are doing it for me ...
    Hope the trains are running smoothly again.

    1. The trains are so much worse! I am having braces fitted today. That will be a story, haha.

    2. Heard the train news earlier and thought of you. I'm sure you'll make an hilarious story out of the braces. Hope it's not too painful.

  3. Yes I like your top outfit best. Happy New Year to you.

    1. That so sweet, Polly. Happy New Year to you too. Hope it's not too cold where you are.

  4. Well, PP is back to normal again? PP normal? Never!! Too special to be normal! You do rock the red and my favourite is the third (with Zara shawl; how I love that shawl!). Glad to see that the make-up is back too. Good start to the New Year and compliments to the Photographer too. x

    1. Yeah, guess you're right, let's just say normal for me!
      Glad you like the shawl, it was such a good buy, why I didn't include it in my best buys post is pure oversight. It's a relief to the entire island that the slap is back on, Waitrose shopping isle is filled with less stressed shoppers as a result.
      Happy New Year to you, Duchesse.