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Tuesday 10 May 2016

The Perfect Spring Jacket, #3 - The More Casual End

I've completed the testing.  As before, these jackets are not worn with anything in particular, they are not intended to be "styled"  or "modelled" by me!

The Casual End

Pink Shirt Jacket

No 2, from Next here.  This is how it's meant to look.

And here's how it looks on me ...

The bunting?  It's Guernsey's flag - yesterday was our Liberation Day.  The flags went up, back of the house here and a giant one out of the front bedroom window.

Pretty colour, lots of pockets for bunging stuff.  It's a bit warmer than I'd imagined, but overall it looks pretty useful.  Besides, this was La Duchesse's choice in the beauty parade here so it would be rude not to call this a keeper!

The In-The-Middle Contender

Photo 1 of Linen Lace Trim Jacket, Stone

Stone linen jacket from BHS here, price discounted.
How it looks on the slim model..

And on me!

This one's more lightweight, something that could be worn a lot. A serious contender, for sure.

So where am I?  It's clear that like their white shirt counterparts, fitted jackets look better on ladies with more boyish figures.  They look different on me, they hang differently.  Though I understand from one "in the know" that a lot of pinning work goes on behind the outfits in the website/cataloue photo shoots!

But, worts and all, there is no doubt that a lightweight jacket is a key item in a spring wardrobe, whichever end of smart casual it lies.  I like all three, so maybe a 100% Keeper result - a first!

My only problem is that I am eating spring's dust as it gallops off into the distance - the temperature has hotted up in the past week and summer is probably here. 
Too warm for jackets?
Aaah, the procrastinator's lot is not an easy one :-).

And Finally.  I just had to show you a close-up pic of the ceanothus.  It's in full bloom right now.
I love these little periwinkle blue fluff-balls.  So pretty.
I've had a bit of a thing going for this shrub for over 30 years.

 So, are spring/summer jackets for you?
What do you wear with yours?  I'd love to hear (a.k.a. have some help!).
And have your seasons switched from spring to summer with lightening speed too?

A La perchoine.

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