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Thursday 12 May 2016

My 18-piece Wardrobe #4

"The Party's over, it's time to call it a day ..."

The Dip

Day 10, Tuesday

Yes, the 18-piece Wardrobe Party is over.  I'd set myself 10 days for the discipline. 
Here's what I wore on my last day.

Pink BHS cardi similar here, with M&S black/white  jersey print top and white Peacock crops.  The shoes are from Clarks here, currently a bargain at 50% off.

Clarks shoes, ipso facto - they are so comfy!
Just a heads up on these - the front leather piece cut into my toes in my regular size, so I went up half a size and they are just dandy. Fortunately, Clarks has a extensive range of half sizes and width fittings too.  Good news for us "old" ladies.
At the risk of repeating myself, buying shoes these days is a real Cinderalla affair.

But enough of this old lady stuff, how did this 18-piece drive-through work for me?  Well, I liked having a very neatly arranged selection of clothes to sift through each day.  But I did start to feel a bit samey.  Now that I have test-driven the concept, I will do it again because of that very fact, but with more thought given to my 18 piece selection.  Why not give it a try too?

The Dive

We spent our last evening of the holiday at a traditional inn serving traditional food.

Prawn Cocktail to start, it doesn't get more traditional than that!

 Good old British Fish and Chips - I didn't manage to get through even half of this gigantic piece of cod!

But I did help my fellow-diner out with his Belgian waffle affair! 

A three course meal with loads of choice was just £10.
It's just a shame there was no pussycat back home that night to surprise with a tasty fish left-over catty-bag!

Day 11, Homeward Bound.

 "I'm sitting at a railway station, got a ticket for my destina-a-tion, oo-oo-oohh ..."

Despite the threat of train disruptions this week, after just a short wait at said railway station, my destination was reached in good time.

In good time, because I allow myself ample time to enjoy this ... 

at The Caviar House and Prunier at London Gatwick, here.

What an elegant way to wait for a plane.  It's become a sort of tradition.
A leisurely seafood dish and a fine Sancerre.  
A departure screen to keep an eye on the flight.  
People to watch, fellow-diners to chat to, crosswords to complete.

So, safely back home. Back to mounds of post to sift through.  Back to grass to mow and hair to cut - both have gone a bit crazy.  And back home to my purring shadow - to say the cat was pleased to see his Mummy would be an understatement, he hasn't left my side for 24 hours!

A la perchoine.


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