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Wednesday 4 May 2016

The Perfect Spring Jacket #2, The Posh End Found!


When doing my research for a spring jacket recently, see here, I kinda fell for a jacket but it seemed to have been sold out in my size.  It seemed perfect for my smarter end of spring jackets, so I was a little disappointed.  A little sad.
Then when I optimistically popped back on the site later, voila, 2 were in stock!

So I pressed the button and


Posh Spring Jacket

The quality is super and the linen colour is softly neutral.  It's described as "soft white".  M&S are doing some Ozone jeans in the same soft white.  Together they would make an interesting casual "suit".  Trouble is, the zip area is too short = muffin top.  Shame.

The sleeves need to be shortened a tad but I did a quick reccie and that's looking do-able.

It reminds me of my jackets and looks of yore.  It feels "me".  The Younger Me.  
In a good, un-muttonish/lamby way.  In my view.  
I have to say I feel pretty good in it!  Do I look happy?

Now these pics do not present it in its best light.  It could look a lot better.  I just threw it over nothing in particular, yet I can already see that it going to be good with all colours of jeans, and it will take dresses and skirts up a notch. 

You may notice I'm saying "will" rather than "would".  
That's because I think this one's a keeper!

Do you have a go-to spring jacket?
Or are you hunting for a spring jacket too?  Struck gold yet?
And do you sometimes wear/find something that transports you back to an Earlier You?

A la perchoine.

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