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Thursday 19 May 2016

Times They Are A-changin'!

I have to fess up to being a bit slow in getting up in my retirement life.  I don't exactly leap out of bed at the crack of dawn and put in a few hours blogging in my turret before breakfast.

The truth is that the alarm goes off somewhat later than Crack of Dawn time.
And then I drink a big coffee from a thermal cup,  to keep it warm ... just in case I doze off !

I eventually crawl out when the sun is well up and try to make some sense of what I see before me in the mirror.

There are days when even lashings of Beauty Flash Balm and Touche Eclat can't crack it.

Does any of this sound familiar?  Can you relate to any of this stuff?
Or is it just me?  Again?!

 But yesterday I arose bright and early ready to give the grandkiddies breakfast and do the school run.

It felt good.
(Woolover top and Peacock crops)

Today I was even more bright-eyed and bushy tailed, leaping out of bed at 5 am,
yes that's 5 AM, to run Sis and BIL to the airport.  And that felt good too.

Now, out of consideration for you, dear reader, I have no photos to share of that particular event so ...

here's how our reservoir does Crack of Dawn!

On a perfect summer's all that early rise malarkey feels soooo good.  It's where I want to be in life.

I want to be that person who rises early, all year.
Who starts the day with a glass of hot water and a slice of lemon.  Not a thermal of coffee.
Who then goes for a brisk early-rise constitutional before the day's pollen count rises.
The person who then returns fresh-faced to eat equally fresh fruit, yoghurt and nuts, not buttered bread and a thick slice of Havarti.

I do so want to be that person.

When I was working, I was sitting at my desk by 7.15 am., looking bright-eyed, immaculate and well-groomed - OK, that's my description, not that of my colleagues!  However, I was always the first to arrive so they never knew otherwise :-).

But you get the gist, I can do it.

And I will again.
For they do say that if you do something for 30 consecutive days, it becomes habit-forming.
And I want that habit!

So I have to think of 28 more reasons to leap out of bed ... reasons on a postcard would be much appreciated.  Alternatively, ignore the snail-mail and just send me your comments!

I've got tomorrow's sorted, BTW, near-dawn golf.  After tomorrow, I'm struggling a bit ...

But watch this space.
Because Times They Are A-changin'!

A la perchoine.

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