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Saturday 21 May 2016

Date Night with Florence

Friday was a good day.  It started off well (early rise, 3rd on the trot!) and it kept getting better.
The day started sunny.  My golf was good.  Bro popped round for coffee.
And somewhere along the line we planned a date night.

Ready for dating - taupe White Company modal vest and waterfall cardi similar here.

Worn with old M&S jeggings.  If it's chilly, I wrap the cardi and pin with a silver brooch.  Simples.
If I'm wearing it that way, it gets a light ironing as the waterfalling creases the cardi somewhat.

Just wanted to show you what I was walking on.  Heels! 
These Adesso shoes are surprisingly comfy.  The taupey shade echoes my outfit but they mix with just about everything.  
And they lend a certain swagger to my walk too!

And on to the date.

We had no great expectations for this film but it was charming and poignant.  Meryl was her usual superb self but I felt Hugh and Stephen ovevrshadowed her with their brilliant facial storytelling and portrayals of their players.  They were the main actors for me.

Have you seen this film?  What did you think of it?

The lovely sun disappeared whilst we were in the cinema.  After the film, we drove along to the most westerly tip of the island, Pleinmont. 
You can see Fort Grey in the distances, accessed by a little causeway. 
We locals call it the Cup and Saucer.  Because that is what it looks like.

And into the Imperial, across from the sea wall.  It serves good pub grub.

The Hanois Lighthouse, seen here, is off the Pleinmont coast.

We fancied some good old Friday night Scampi, 
A fitting end to a perfect day and my Date Night with Florence.

A la perchoine.

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