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Wednesday 25 May 2016

Rockie II

Yesterday was busy, with doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, all that sort of necessary stuff.  Totally un-photo-worthy!
But the day was rounded off so nicely by meeting up with a cousin and her partner for a catch-up at our "local", the Rockie. 
I took you there back in February here, brrr.  So this trip was your Rockie II!
You'll see me there quite a lot during these summer months, should you chance to pop by.  For the Rockie is rather like my old taupe Adesso shoes, one of my summer's constants! And like these old M&S jeggings, it would seem.  For they were out again last night.

I just had to include this rather childish pose on the left!

I wore the jeggings and the Adessos with the a White Company taupe trapeze cardi, which is a beautiful fine and light knit for this time of year.  The top is from Next, linked into the post here

 You see, when I was Being Nora a few days ago, I removed the blazer and tried the top/jeans combo with the cardi and realised there was something there to pull out for a pub night.  And pull it out I did, just a short few days later.  So my Being Nora is giving me spin-offs already.   For, by my channelling Nora, I'd stored that subtle little switch in my subtle little head, and hey presto, getting dressed last night was but a moment's work!

Ready for the drive down to the coast on a beautiful summer's evening in my little car; and beautiful though it was, I still grabbed a scarf should extra warmth be needed.  What an oldie I've become!

The hotel is west-facing.  Nothing but sea between us and the US of A!
This is a great place to sit with a glass of wine and watch the sun sink down over the horizon.

I smuggly enjoyed a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc. 
Because I wasn't driving home, the Photographer pulled that short straw!

I lusted after my cousin's seafood platter!

But enjoyed my choice, luckily, fish cake with a little new potato salad.

Such a great evening, catching up with Cuz and feeling summery.  I hope you enjoyed your trip down to my local too.  Thanks for popping in, I love it when you do. 
I wish you a happy and sunny day, wherever you are.

Are you enjoying the lovely summer's evenings?
What are you like at putting together that casual layered look? 
 I'm still working on mine - but I think I'm getting there!

A la perchoine.

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