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Sunday 8 May 2016

Before and After

I love this moment.  Just before guests arrive.

All tasks that can be crossed off the list at this stage, have been.

I'm dressed for ease.

Primani top, M&S bottoms

The food has been prepared ahead, as far as it can be.

Extra seating has been brought in so that all can chat and lounge comfortably.

The table has been extended to accommodate the extra settings.

The candles are lit.  All is now in place.

We can sit back, enjoy a glass of crisp white wine and relax a moment, knowing that as much as can be done up to this point, has been.  Leaving little left to do when guests arrive.

Such a satisfying and calm few moments.  Before the guests arrive and the fun begins!

I'm happy knowing all is now in place for a pleasant evening with family.

For planning and preparation are paramount for guests and hosts alike to enjoy a relaxed, easy evening. Even for the simplest of get-togethers, like this supper with cousins.

And the occasional party keeps the pout alive in this pensioner's hood!

The Morning After.

Remnants of the night before have been cleared, washed, put away.

Extra seating is now back from whence it came.

The extension leaf has been placed back in its table hidey-hole.

All is has been freshened and plumped up.

The morning's sunshine streams in.
The director's chair is queued up for repair.  Long overdue!

And so to another special moment.  
When the mop-up operation has been completed.

The courtyard beckons me to come outside, enjoy a strong coffee.  Maybe even put my feet up a while.  I've earned that!

Oh, by the way, we ate Fish Pie!  Simple food makes for an easy evening.

A la perchoine.

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