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Monday 9 May 2016

My 18-piece Wardrobe #3. With Bonus Feature, The Dive!

I realise I have a tendency to ramble!
You may have the time and the inclination to ramble with me, to dive in with me headlong.  
You may only have time to dip your toe in the water.

I'll make the choice easy for you. 
If things are going to stretch a little, I'm going
to give you the dip or dive option.  Hope that helps. So,

The Dip

Day 8, Saturday

I've cleared up and cleaned up after last night's supper party, now it's time to spend some girlie-time with Cousin Top Cat.

M&S bottom, Primani tops, both in stone; Navy Primani slouch cardi.

Day 9, Sunday

"It's beginning to feel a lot like summer!"

I've been sleeveless today!
Next top, Peacock crops

Ready to walk along the promenade to meet the family for coffee.
Old Per Una cardi as it's a bit breezy along the sea front.

The Dive

The sea front - that's got my mind a-wandering' onto ...

The Shingle Beach.  (a.k.a. "The Bonus Feature" or my new "Dive" approach!)

It does really feel like the first day of summer.  The temperature has been in the mid-20s.  The beach has drawn folk like a magnet today.  They've been up with the lark to set up camp for the day.  With windbreaks and camp chairs, or the more spontaneous beacher just lying on the shingle (seen just behind me) - ouch!

At Birling Gap earlier this week.  It's rife!

To get to this lady's uncomfortable shingle bed is a slow process.  

The sea erodes the chalk cliffs along this coastline.

The sea then washes the chalk off the broken-off pieces, revealing the flint underneath. 
 Over time those jagged pieces of flint are smoothed by the sea's pounding into smoothly-rounded pebbles which are rolled ashore.  Et voila, flint shingle beaches. 

I learned that this week.  I love learning.  Thanks, TC's hubby!

 But let's return to the beach after that little geological detour, and back to The Now, Sunday morning.

The beach huts have suddenly opened up along the prom; a couple sitting in deck chairs reading newspaper and book, another couple giving their hut a fresh lick of white paint after the winner's lashings, a family playing games whilst father BBQ's lunch.  
Little sailing boats bobbing along.  
Summer.  English seaside.  Nice.

I even did some gardening Sunday afternoon!  Cutting back shrubs.  A magnolia, lavender, chives, all nicely planted out.  But, of course, by the time I got to visit Aunty later ... swollen, itchy, runny eyes.  Yup, a hour's gardening and the hay fever's back :-(

Thanks for popping by to dip or dive with me today.

A La perchoine.

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