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Sunday 22 May 2016

Being ... Nora

Previously I've found it helps kick-start a look I'm after by cribbing off someone else who already rocks it,
More on that later*!

But it's not a matter of slavishly copying their look, more like taking elements that work for me and gaining confidence to "do my own thing" in due course.

I've set myself a challenge this year.   To wear heels with jeans.  Blazer with jeans.  To wear them well.  Because I struggle with that combo.
So who do I crib off?  Who do I source?

Well, the lovely Nora at Jacket Society here totally gets the look.  So I'm looking no further than her for inspiration.
I'll "channel Nora" for the whole jeans/heels/blazer look. 

I surreptitiously started my baby-steps journey on Friday with a casual jeans/heels vibe here.

It felt good.  Now I'm ready for the next baby step ... a jacket with the jeans and heels.

I started with my old M&S jeggings.
I'm wearing my taupe Adesso heels - you'll see them lots this summer!

I added a nice light ecru blouse from Next here and a chunky string of pearls
 ... which I have had since 1973 - how's that for hoarding?!!!!

And topped these with my recent purchase, the M&S Linen blazer here which I hunted down here and which entered into the beauty parade here!

Et voila! I'm pretty pleased with my channelling efforts so far !

Now, remember, I'm not in any way attempting to parrot the lovely Nora's style and panache, she's a natural and I am not.  But what I am doing is channelling her when dressing.  Asking myself "How would Nora work this?"

Jacket Society the sonoma stripe jacket-3776Jacket-Society_A_Visit_To_West_Hollywood_Wearing_Our_Roma_Blazer-Prod

And here's Nora, working those super jackets.

I just couldn't get close to how this beautiful, slim and stylish lady carries off the look! 
Please do visit this very classy, very clever lady's blog.   I'm think you'll like what you see.

* And now it's Asterisk Time!
One Saturday morning about 15 years ago I chanced upon a picture of Dani Behr and fell for her jeans and heels look.

This very picture, found this morning through the magic of internet.

"I've got most of those things myself but have never thought to put them together like that", thought I.  And I was a long-haired blonde at the time too! It was a long time ago ...  
All I was missing was the cardi.  And the car.
I settled on just shopping for the cardi and magically I found a fine-rib cream cardi at M&S that afternoon.  I put the look together (complete with rolled up jeans!) and went out that night, confident. Being Dani.  

Over the years I've lost the whole jeans/heels/jacket vibe but Nora has inspired me to start all over again.
And this time, I'm Being ... Nora!

Do you find inspiration from photos or people?
Or, as usual, is it just me?!

A la perchoine


  1. Hi Mary,
    What a lovely post, I am very flattered! I am glad I have inspired you to try this look and you look beautiful wearing it. You look fabulous :)

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments, Nora, my Jacket Guru! I'm just a rookie but I'm working at it. I'll keep popping in to see you at your blog for inspiration.

  3. You totally rock this combo! Love your pictures and love your inspiration photo. I still can see photos in my head of looks that have inspired me. There's one of Gwyneth Paltrow from 1998 that I haven't been able to find yet :)

  4. Hi Fiona, thanks for popping in. I do hope you find your GP photo, it felt like coming home when I found my DB shot on Sunday morning! I was amazed that I found it with just two clicks 'cos it must be about 15 years old, min. Good luck in your search!

  5. Beautiful! Channeling Nora serves you well, the white blazer is fresh and light. jen

  6. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by. And thanks for your sweet words. Nora is a superb example to channel.
    I just hope I can keep that blazer white!
    And looking back on photos of recent weeks I realise I need to start seeing other jeans!!!
    Hope to see you again soon.