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Saturday, 7 May 2016

My 18-piece Wardrobe #2

Day 3,  Monday, May Day bank holiday

Traditionally, if the whole country's on holiday the weather's bad.  It rained.  Plus ca change.
But it was another day free from itchy-swollen-red-eye hay (tree pollen) fever. Yippee!
Are you suffering from tree pollen this year?

We met up with my "oldest" friend (featured here) and her hubby at The Lamb Inn, Pevensey Marsh.  Our friends are staying nearby for a few weeks.

To keep warm, Per Una top and Next Slim jeans.  Heeled sandals from Debenhams.  I think.

Layered with a navy Primani slouchey cardi for extra warmth!

Day 4, Tuesday

Sunny!  Warmish.  But I wasn't convinced.  So l wore light layers.

Taadaaah, the Per Una shirt I forgot to show previously.

With M&S navy cardi, Next v Slim jeans.
That's all I wore.  All day.  No jacket.  Is this what spring feels like?! 

Day 5,  Wednesday
I had a girlie day in Eastbourne with Cousin Top Cat.

Eastbourne Pier

White Peacock jeans and Primani slouchy cotton sweater.
Have I told you about these white jeans?  Ultra comfy, light for the suitcase, they dry in an instant ... and they're cheap as chips!

Day 6, Thursday

A trip to the garden centre for a magnolia to replace the one we killed :-(
We did some sightseeing along the way.


Birling Gap.  The sea is gradually eroding the cliffs along this coastline; houses balanced precariously on the cliff's edge.

Stripey Primani top, white jeans.  I get a new cotton scarf, Next!

And new comfy metallic-tipped flatties from the Clarks sale.

Day 7, Friday

A flowery jersey top from Next.  Who would have thought I'd like yellow so much?!  

And newly-pedicured feet!

I'm now a good way into my 18 piece wardrobe discipline.  I chose hastily.  I should have given more thought to my selection.  Being able to switch will help.

 I included dark things in case of colder weather, but that's pretty much all I've worn.  I'm feeling samey.  So my tip would be not to play too safe, mix in a few colours.  Or switch, quick!
However, I have a neat wardrobe, clothes are easy to find, easy to choose from and I rise to the daily challenge!

But I'm itchin' to get switchin'!
Maybe Perfect Spring Jackets could mix things up a bit ...

A La perchoine.

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