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Tuesday 17 May 2016

My First Date Night Of Summer.

Yesterday was a glorious day.  Made even more glorious by it being
My First Date Night Of Summer.

The day was easy and here I am ready for a morning coffee at the golf club, dressed in M&S linen cut-offs, Artigiano ivory modal vest and mocha Next metallic V-neck. All old, naturligvis.
Now the jumper is one of my Sleepers, like this one here
Bought it for a Christmas long past.  Didn't wear it.  For several years. 

Then one day I tried it in summer and hey presto, it became a go-to for summers hence.  It is so thin and light yet hangs well, with little slits on the side, so nice and easy too.

But on to the post in hand.  My First Date Night of Summer. 
Well, not really a date as such, we went to a charity AGM and dinner.  Because it's an AGM it happens annually mid-May and tends to be the first evening we go out in true summer. 
So it's my First Date Night of Summer.  Technically.  Because I get taken out.  In summer. 

A pensioner clutches on to any "out" night as a date night.  Or is that just me?

Anyway, I usually mark the event with The First Dress of Summer,
 but more on that in another post.
Here wearing that old go-to, the ivory linen M&S dress and La Redoute floral cardi. 
All old, naturellement.
 (Those "triffids" in the background are Echia.  They grow like weeds.  Monster weeds!)
The event was held at Les Cotils here

A beautiful and peaceful place.

It's in a pretty location on a hill overlooking our town, St Peter Port.

It's set in some lovely grounds with lovely backdrop buildings.  All old, naturally!

Overlooking St Sampsons harbour to the north

and St Peter Port harbour, with Herm and Sark barely visible to the east.
It was a glorious summer's evening so a bit hazy and these shots were taken with the pocket camera  which didn't help, but perhaps you can get the gist of these photos!

And there you have it.  Summer has officially started.  In my world.
Let's get out there and have some good times, peeps.  Hay fever permitting, naturlicht.

Do you have a regular event that marks the start of your summer?

Thank you, dear reader, for joining me on my First Date Night of Summer.
I hope you enjoyed it.  I did!

A la perchoine.


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