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Wednesday 1 June 2016

I love Scandiland! Upcycling #2, The Bow-Fronted Chest

I've been away from here for a few days, we've had a health issue in Pout House, involving an a and e trip for an ongoing condition.  All is well now, patient is fine.  Back to "normal".

So let's get back to normal with another piece of upcycled furniture.

We furnished this modern townhouse in-part with pieces brought from the previous house deep in the country.
Much of the old house's remaining furniture has now been upcycled with a lick of paint - it creates a brighter, lighter look in this open and airy new-build.

Some furniture needed to be bought.  In flat packs, of course. 

I am so proud of this so neatly-stacked pile which represents a considerable amount of blood, sweat and tears.  Quite literally.
Methinks I should have invested in cardboard.  And polystyrene.

Just thought I'd share evidence of my work with you!

Today I'd like to show you this little baby.  You can just about see it in its "before" state, lurking behind the booze - ahem - drinks cabinet.

It was in the utility room in the old house, holding all the washing paraphanalia.
It had sort of seen better days but it oozed character.


So it was re-purposed and, with a lick of my "holding" colour, Dulux Trade Eggshell White, it became the TV stand.
(And yes, we listen to Classic FM.  A lot!)

The chest drawers hold the usual suspects, those being napery, the "posh" cutlery, table mats and candles ...
Oh, and flags.  And bunting.  I like guests to feel welcomed!
It's a useful piece of furniture.

Keeping the top surface and knobs bare, links these two pieces
as they stand in juxtaposition.  I kept the legs bare to give a sort of book-end, top-and-bottom vibe.
I may give them some other colour sometime.  No rush, though.

Have you had good, bad or disastrous experiences of flat-pack assembly?  And upcycling?

Thanks for popping in to my workshop.  
Please drop in again soon.

A la perchoine. 

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