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If not now, when?

Saturday, 4 June 2016

I'm On A Lobster Roll !

Here's my attempt at a joke: Q. What is Oasis Lobster?  A. You get a roll with it.
OK, that "joke" probably won't travel well outside of British waters
but, trust me, it's hugely funny!

It's been a busy week.  An A&E trip and then keeping a beady eye on my patient.  It was half term so that meant I had some fun days with the lovely grandkiddies.   Gorgeous granddaughter's birthday.  Rounds of golf.  Gardening, housework and cooking, of course.  And so on and so on.  
The week has simply flashed by.

But the weekend has arrived and Friday night is traditionally Date Night.  So with a nod to tradition, we had a date in town. 

It was a sunny but coolish evening so I dressed fairly warmly.

A ... new ... grey top from Next here, what do you think of it? With Peacocks white jeans and flatties, for the evening involved a trek to the bus stop.  
Topped with a Woolovers charcoal cashmere/merino frilled edge cardi.

And what was that again?  A cardi?  In summer?  Well here's the real reason why ...

Just look at those arms!

Tie Insert Shell

Here's how it looks on someone much younger and much slimmer.

You may wonder why I am "out-ing" such awful arms.   My arms may not be model-like in any shape or form and I admit I did keep them hidden for years. but these days I am less inhibited, less vain maybe.  So I will wear this very useful top with my arms bare in summer. 
Because these days I apply the "if not now, when" test to so much in life.  In this instance it is that my arms won't get any better over time; if they get slimmer the skin will be crepe-ier, so right now is as good as its likely to get for these old arms.  So they will be out this summer. And I will feel cooler on hot days as a result.

I slipped on a jacket.  Just in case.  The casual summer combo needed something in complimentary colours, fairly simple in line and not too dressy.  I couldn't find my white utility jacket which would have been ideal (must put out an all-persons-bulletin on that one).  Instead I hooked out this old Wallis jacket; it's ivory with a thin greyish stripe.  As I walked to the bus, I realised that the jacket must be 20 years old and I haven't worn it for about 15!  And I was not embarrassed to be wearing it! 
Anyway, it was just the right weight for the evening's to-and-fro-ing.

A selfie on the bus.  Bus rides are free for us OAPs.

The bus dropped us right outside The Boathouse, which sits on one of the town's piers.

I haven't visited this restaurant for a couple of years and I was pleased to see a whole new menu is on offer, which includes lots of dishes that I am looking forward to tasting. 
So I will be back!

Some ate out on the deck but it was a bit too chilly for me.

An unintended selfie taken whilst showing The Photographer how to take photos with an iPhone.

And after many photos of his finger in the foreground and my little head peeping in the background, The Photographer managed to get the hang of it!

And then our friends arrived.

We met with a couple who have recently got together.  It was lovely to hear how their romance and their relationship is blossoming.  They are such nice people, they deserve each other and many years of happiness ahead.

So cheers to them!

Oh dear, this does look like an embarressing amount of food compared with the delicate serving of scallops on The Photographer's plate!  But I have to confess that I did manage to make quite a dent in my Guernsey Lobster and Crab brioche roll and salad.  And some of the chips disappeared too!

Now, a lobster roll is a relatively new concept for us in the UK.  It's not something we've thought to put together ... lobster ... in a roll. I don't know why, because it really works.  And it's not as if we Brits aren't used to making sandwiches out of just about everything!   But putting lobster in a roll is something that we failed to envisage.  So its traditionally been held as an American dish.  Indeed, I reflected that I haven't had a lobster roll since Maine, 2009, so I jumped at the chance to try it out, Guernsey-style. 
And it was soooo good.  And (smiley face!) much bigger than its Maine counterpart!

Things usually take a few years to drift over the pond and I now see that a few island restaurants have introduced lobster rolls this year.  Well, I am just going to have to do a survey of these 'yer rolls ... it's a hard life but, well, someone has to do it!

Are you a fan of the lobster roll?
And what are you up to this weekend?

Thanks for popping in to see me.
A la perchoine.


  1. Liking your fashion experiments with color and layering. You are fast becoming my outfit coordinator!
    What's not to love about lobster?? Always my first choice on the menu! More recipes please - the cauliflower soup was so good it's fast becoming a family favorite!

  2. Thanks for your sweet message. I'm glad you're enjoying my humble efforts at smart casual!
    The soup is a fave of mine too. I'd love to hear how you get on with some of the other recipes too.
    Keep eating the lobster!

  3. Hello! I've just recently found your lovely blog. I'm relating to your arm "issue" but mine are still under cover. Off now to scroll through your site, must find that cauliflower soup recipe... jen.

  4. Hi Jen,
    Arms, what an issue, eh?! I never thought that I would see advantages to having two pork sausages for arms. Seems like I can put a spin on anything! However, I still prefer my cardi hiding place.
    I hope you enjoy my blog. I've just popped in to yours and I think I'll be spending some scrolling time with you too!
    Hope you enjoy the soup. Velbekomme!