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Monday 27 June 2016

School's Out!

On Saturday I arrived in a Copenhagen that had come alive with student celebrations.

When high school students finish their obligatory education, they celebrate.  Big time.

Following the official finishing ceremonies, they put on little captain's hats and start partying!

They pile into chauffeured and decorated large vehicles, like lorries and buses.

First they visit each others houses, where a little food and drink is provided by each of the parents.  They drive from place to place, the vehicles filled with excited graduates and loudspeaker  music.  
People passing them in cars beep and wave at them.

If they chance upon a fountain along the way they leap right in and splash around to their hearts' content.

When all houses have been visited, they go to a public place in the evening, like the harbour where we chanced upon them that evening, jumping into the water and skinny dipping!

The city was alive with the sound and sight of celebrating students throughout the day and evening ...

...and, in our street, well into the night too!

And BTW, I'm back to normal again! From today, I'm reunited with technology once more, so normal posting will be resumed asap because I am busily downloading photos as I type!

A la perchoine.

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  1. Oh Tarquin, thank you for your kind welcome, it's good to hear from you again. And yes, I am so pleased to be back in Techieland so that I can keep in touch with you lovely people out there again!