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Sunday 12 June 2016

Super Seafood Suppers

Hi my lovelies, thanks for visiting today. 

It's  been a busy weekend.  For starters, I was out with The Sibs ... and I chatted and laughed so much I forgot to take photos!  Forgot for the whole evening. Sorry.
But I did get shots of what I went out in, though.

Simple and super casual, old M&S jeggings, and white lacey vest and navy cardi from Next.  M&S nude wedges.
Bit of a pollen-allergy throaty thing going on that day so I just had to add a scarf around the neck.  Think I look a bit hay-fever-ey in the pics ... 

The Next pieces were
Tie Insert Shell
This lacey vest here

 Linen Mix Edge to Edge Cardigan (105508) | £24

And this navy linen-mix cardi here

The cardi is super light and hangs well.  It's going to make a great suitcase item.

 And this is where I went.  We had a super pub meal a L'Eree Bay Hotel

 leree bay

As I say, no photos but FYI, I ate fish.  And cheesy garlic bread :-).

And then next day, more food!
For our  2-day-late lobster supper was re-scheduled. And I'm still alive.  Just sayin'.
In the 2-day interim, we finished off the crab with lime and coriander that I'd also planned to serve.  Well, it's a tough job but someone's got to do it, eh?

It was a lovely evening, lovely company and lovely food (I had lovely feedback). 
So that's all lovely, then.

I wore a black long sleeved t-shirt, white Peacock crops and black Ecco sandals.  You will have to trust me on that as I took not one photo.  2 days running.  Tut tut.  Forgot my blogging commitments until it got to the food part this time, and could hardly ask The Photographer to start taking shots of me in front of our guest, could I?  That would be so rude!   I can at least show you what I served.  Hope this helps.

I devised a herby goats cheese dip (seen left) which we ate with prosecco out on the patio.  Not what I had planned to do but I needed to make a fleet-of-foot change so we could enjoy an amuse-bouche casually outside in the evening sun.  It worked out better than the original planned dish, methinks.  More sociable -  a-dippin' and a-divin' into herby goats cheese.   (BTW, I just love those little Ikea +365 glass dishes, on the left, so useful, so elegantly simple).

A tarragon lobster mix with herby sugar snap peas and new potatoes.
And ooops, I was already tucking into it when I remembered that I am a blogger.  Who posts pics.  I've not had the best of weekends for photographing, eh?
Anyway, it was served with Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc.  V nice.

And a berry tart to finish the meal. 
Then we retired to the sofas for coffee.  And a little chocolate :-).

Looks pretty professional, eh?  But a doddle to make.  Trust me.

I'm prepping up the recipes to post. 
This was a beautifully light summer's evening menu - I do hope you try out at least one of the recipes.

Do you have any fave summer lunch/supper recipes to share?
Or menus that make entertaining so easy because they can be prepped well in advance?
I'd love to hear.

Have a fab rest-of-weekend, peeps.  I'm dashing off as I've got some lobster left-overs to polish off. Fingers-crossed.

A la perchoine.


  1. I always enjoy seeing a woman in a tee with jeans and a blazer or cardigan. Such a laidback yet chic vibe :)

  2. Thanks for popping by, Sheela. You are so right, it's something I do so admire when I see others wearing that combo, so right now I am putting much effort into trying out a few angles on the look. I can do the laidback vibe, I'm working on the chic ...!