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If not now, when?

Thursday 9 June 2016

... And Then Panic !

What have I done?!! 

I'm going on holiday.  I like holidays.  I fear packing. 
I have over-packed in the past.  But in my dotage,  I think I've got it sussed. So instead of fretting about packing, this time I am assuring myself that recent holiday snaps evidence that I can put together some reasonable outfits from my suitcase contents.  In fact, I quite enjoy the mix-and-match challenge. 

So, no panic.  All is calm in Pout House.

But a couple of nights ago, I strayed.  I warmed to a fellow-blogger's idea of packing dresses rather than lots of separates.  It makes so much sense.  Makes the daily choice of what to wear a doddle. 
Choose day's dress.  Leave hotel.  Have fun.

And surely the t shirt dresses is the ideal casual holiday dress? A simple jersey dress. 
And at that point ... panic!!!
For I no longer own a t shirt dress.  I fretted.  By midnight, I was on the internet in blind panic.  Because, by midnight it became absolutely imperative that my holiday suitcase includes a t shirt dress.  Or ten, as it transpired.

For these are on the way to me! 

A brown bardot jersey dress.  Also one in navy.  Just in case.  Can be dressed up or down.
But goodness knows how I thought I could handle the bra strap situation with this style!

More sensible, wearable stuff.  Must have been thinking more clearly at that that point.

But then this?  A butchers apron with armholes?  What was I thinking?!

And that, as they say, is just the tip of the iceberg.  About the same amount again are headed my way from another store.  How many exactly is a bit of a blur in the harsh reality of morning.

The end result is that instead of serenely packing tried-and-tested clothes between layers of tissue paper over the coming days whilst calming music drifts out from Classic FM, I am now going to be very busy.  Unpacking.  Trying on.  Taking bad selfies in front of mirror.  Then posting evidence of my panic-buying shame on to this blog.
Then re-packing.  Faffing with returns.  For there will be plenty.

What have I done?!!!

And  b r e a t h e ... Thank you for listening.

Now, please assure me that I cannot be alone on this one?
Surely someone out there must also panic-buy just before a holiday?
Or maybe, yet again, it is just me :-(.

A la perchoine.


  1. how funny. i'm sure they will look fab on you. i went to europe 3 yrs ago (my first time) and planned what i was packing for a solid 2 months. i stressed and stressed and pretty much got it right but spent some time freezing in london that i could have done without.:) overall i just think packing no matter how you do it is hard! xo

  2. Oh what a relief, a fellow stresser. Thanks for your reassuring words, Janet. So sorry London was cold for you, I hope you give it another try some time soon.