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Friday 17 June 2016

Procrastination and Packing

What have I been up to?

I've been trying to get used to my new shorter length hair.  It's going to take time!  After I washed it myself for the first time, I took selfies after I'd recovered from the shock.  Because I can't seem to style it after washing like the salon lady did.  And my fringe is all over the place!  Do you find that sometimes you just can't follow the style your hairdresser has given you?  No? Probably just me.

(I should have been working on improving my posing!)

I've been giving my Next t-shirt dress another go.  Still working on that one.

I've been flat-packing the GK's Cardboard Box Wonderland they made this week.  Ready to play with again in the school summer holidays.

I've been inspired by the view that greets me each morning when I walk into the lounge.  It always uplifts me.  Simple things. The photo doesn't do it justice, just picture a blaze of sun and colour coming through.

And just now I've been doing things I don't want to.

Trying on holiday clothes, taking really bad selfies (again!)

then deciding which will go into a super travel wardrobe. 

And that, dear friends, is why I am up in my turret right now, typing away.  Procrastinating.  Putting off what needs to be done.  Because I have to now whittle down my (neat) pile of clothes into the 12-14 piece capsule travel wardrobe that all these bloggers seem to swear by.  And you will see there are more than 12-14 items laid out, so serious whittling-down is called for.  But lil 'ole procrastinator me is putting off that job until I absolutely have to.  Which will be soon.

Because I'll be away on holiday shortly, so as well as the dreaded packing malarkey, I am dashing around sorting out house and garden for the catsitters.  Constantly referring to the many lists I have on the go - lists for house, garden, cat stuff, miscellaneous, packing (me), packing (Photographer), packing (general) ... And I'm tired. 

The downside of holidays is that I am always shattered by the time I get to the airport.  Almost too tired to want to do anything but collapse on the nearest departure lounge sofa.  But somehow something magical invariably happens and I arrive at the destination, chomping at the bit and ready to go!

I bet you are super organised and you sail through your pre-holiday preps calmly and effortlessly and arrive at the airport looking super serene, chic and relaxed? 
That is how I would like to be.  Am I right about you?! 

BTW, I'll have internet connection for posting most of the time whilst I'm away.

A la perchoine.


  1. Packing for holidays...what a 'to do' these days! I agree that it seems to get more cumbersome as we get older. Perhaps it is just a matter of worrying too much, an expression which our younger selves didn't have in their vocabulary? I am sure that getting down the routine of putting together a capsule wardrobe will help us greatly so let's work on perfecting that 'art'!! Subsequently, departure lounge sofas can be used to just sit, relax and look pretty! Enjoy your holiday! La Duchesse x

  2. Such wise words, La Duchesse, thanks for popping in with them today. Yes, this packing trauma must come about when reaching a certain age. And I discovered this morning that my capsule expanded overnight and my suitcase had gained several pounds! But that doesn't affect the squishiness of airport leather chairs fortunately.