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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Møns Attack!

A summer holiday in Denmark.  Simply perfect.

A hyggelig welcome to Copenhagen

I stayed with two very special friends, seen here displaying the perfume I brought over for them.  I've known these lovely ladies for 40 years - they don't look old enough to have been around that long eh?! 

Now, I talked about "hygge" or cosiness, recently here. Well, as if to prove a point, here it is in action!  As soon as we arrived at the home of the friend on the left,

she busied herself lighting candles, for instant hygge!
Then a delicious meal was put together as we caught up with the news.

Hand-cut slivers of smoked salmon served with a woodland leaf.  The Scandinavians traditionally serve food with a whole variety of flowers and leaves.  I think that we have lost that art.
Served with organic new potatoes and grill-cooked asparagus, as it is the season for both.

Pudd was some small amazingly sweet organic strawberries.  Served with liquorice ice cream.
Yup, the Scandinavians use liquorice in just about everything, including ice cream.  Unusual, but it works.  The Photographer fell in love with it on a previous visit.

A deliciously simple meal, put together with thought and love.

And on to a bit of sight-seeing and exploring.  You will see we were blessed with warm weather.  We joined up with the husband of the friend on the right.  We left Copenhagen behind and drove south through the beautiful countryside of Sjaelland (Zealand) through to the island of Møn (Moen).

Liselund (Lisa's Grove)

Liselund is an 18th century landscaped park with buildings and monuments located on the island of Moen.  The gardens are laid out in the romantic English style.  The park was created in the 1790s by a French nobleman, whose wife was called Lisa.

The girls came here for a school summer holiday.  They were so excited to see it again. The main house is set in a wooded glade.  So pretty.

There is a lovely summerhouse in the grounds.
I'm wearing white jeans with a navy stripe t-shirt, both Peacock and a navy Next linen cardi and Clarks sandals.  My summer holiday taupe crochet bag accompanied me everywhere, as usual!

I peaked through the romantic summerhouse's windows.  The doors were locked :-(.

Everything is beautifully laid out in the main house, which is available for overnights, conferences, weddings and so on.  
Have I mentioned that it was so romantic? Maybe one day ... :-)

Coffee and yummy cake in the garden is an absolute must!

Near to Liselund is Møns Klint (the cliffs of Moen)

This is a beautiful 6 km stretch of chalk cliff on Moen, an island in the Baltic Sea.  

In some places there is a 120 m sheer drop to the sea below.  Just look at the colour of that water!

On-going erosion means that some areas are out of bounds. 
Can you see the sea through the hole in the ground on the edge of the cliff?

A huge amount of steps and a lot of path walking is necessary in order to access these beautiful views

but it's worth the effort on a sweltering sunny day as its a gob-smackingly beautiful place to explore.

All that step-climbing and cliff path walking can only mean one thing.  More food and beverages!
After much-searching for a specific highly-recommended kro (inn), Lollesgaard Kro in Nyord, we finally relaxed in its garden.  On recommendation, we ordered open sandwiches of various pickled herrings, chicken salad and beef and the absolute the main event as far as I'm concerned, a prawn and egg sandwich, which I recently featured here.  Yum-myy.

The water comes from a local spring and was so refreshing on such a hot day.
It was just perfect sitting under a huge parasol after such a hot day. 
The kro must be very cosy in winter too, judging from the dining room

After eating, we mooched around the area a bit.  As it was midsummer, there was plenty day for mooching!

The inn is set in a sleepy fishing village, choc-a-block with cute thatched houses.  Bric-a-brac and cottage-industry wares are laid by the side of garden gates.  

Here's some of the stock on display at one house, where home-made skin and toiletry products are on sale, all made from natural ingredients.   One of my friends surprised me with a jar of the elderflower face cream, which I have been using since.  It's super light and yet creamy and moisturising.  And the smell ...

A lovely ending to a lovely first day of exploration.

A la perchoine.


  1. how wonderful that your friends know the art of entertaining. i think it is fast becoming a lost art - sad to say. everything looked perfect! xo

  2. Hi Janet, thanks for popping in, great to hear from you.
    Yes, these lovely ladies know just how to keep their guests happy. They make it seem effortless so that guests are relaxed, yet I know much thought and planning goes on beforehand. They are perfect hostesses and my friend's husband is the perfect host too. So, pretty perfect all round, eh!

  3. I have found your blog via How to be Chic (Fiona Ferris's blog) and the comment you left. What a lovely blog you have, and what gorgeous photos. I expect you've already read the book The Year of Living Danishly? If not, I do recommend it! I had a look at the books and films you like and while not all my favourite authors are there (although I loved Enid Blyton's Famous Five and Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm and Six Cousins Again) I do like the films you mentioned, indeed most films with Diane Keaton. I would add to the films 84 Charing Cross Road and The Enchanted April, and also those lovely 'white linen' films of Merchant Ivory, such as Howards End and A Room with a View. And for drama, a very masculine film - Zulu!
    Margaret P

  4. Hi Galant,
    I'm so pleased you've found me and via the lovely Fiona, to boot! My blog is my every day and what comes randomly in my head, so I feel so grateful that you are enjoying it.
    I haven't read the book yet but will soon as I would like to compare experiences!
    Thanks for all the book and film recommendations, I'll look into those. Merchant Ivory films are so beautiful.
    And school holidays are coming up so I look forward days of Enid Blyton with the GKs :-)