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Saturday 11 June 2016

My 1 of 30

G'day to you, my beauties.  Thanks for popping in.
Yesterday was Friday.   I made it my Fiona Friday.  For the lovely Fiona of How to be Chic. is going through a brave commitment, a 30 day posting project about life focus and control.
I am so enjoying reading it. You'll love her blog, trust me.  Her days are serene.  And chic.

Fiona's open for others to join in the project if they fancy - sounds like fun so here's an account of my day.

Day 1

Coffees: probably too many
Cats groomed: 1.  V. Good.
Perfect Hostessing: -1 (see "moved" below)
Alcohol: 1 (read 2); peut mieux faire (can do better)
Ice cream, 2 scoops; same observation as above
Chapters read of book was saving for holiday read, 1.

What I Ate and Drank
Breakfast: Bran flakes, semi skimmed Guernsey milk and banana.
Lunch: late, a Persian Chicken burger (left over from yesterday), sliced up and warmed through with onions, served on half a bap with lettuce, tomato and cucumber.  And mayo.  V. filling.
Supper: wasn't hungry because of late lunch;  felt peckish later so toasted a waffle and had that with half a sliced banana and two scoops of vanilla ice cream! Unusual for me but waffles were a half term leftover just crying to be used up.
Several coffees, some water, a diet coke, one G&T as I've done my abstinence days for the week, so yippeeee!  And then later, another.  Because I reasoned that if I had been entertaining (see "moved" below) I would have drunk several glasses of wine so 2 G&Ts is relatively abstemious!

What I Wore
Start of day: gardening clothes, grey l/sleeved t shirt, navy lycra gym pants, cloggies.
Later: inspired by this post, for shopping/entertaining I hooked out the nearest thing I could find to a t shirt dress, in anticipation of What is to Come!

Alexon jersey dress in taupes and creams, v. old; M&S wedge sandals; arms, extremely old!

How I Moved
Exercising: Stretching, recommended by osteophath for sciatica which has returned because I did things last week that I know I should avoid. Hey ho.  Handel wafting in so v. pleasantly.  Watched over by Nurse Bertie (cat) inches from my face as I lay on bed doing said leg-stretching exercises - he thought I was ill as I'd gone back to bed and kept pawing my face to check for life, quite sweet actually ... when it stopped being irksome.
Pottering: Garden watering and tidy up; cleared mess from patio where I've been potting up.  Looking good.  But patio slabs left messy, need brushing.  Discovered that patio brush handle had rotted.  So,
Shopping: bought new outdoor broom and dustpan/brush; bought lobster & crab for entertaining later.
Visits: Sister, Bro-in-law and Great-niece (so cute) delivered lemon verbena replacement cuttings (our long-departed mum's plant which we are keeping going); made coffee and walked around the Pout Estate - will file this in focus category too as remembered they were coming, a big feat for an OAP :-).
Cooking: prepped lobster/crab (cold dish) for tonight.
Phone calling: 1, guests can't make it.  Hope seafood will keep and we can re-schedule.  TBA.  Fortunately, fruit tartlets not started on, soggy bottoms headed off at pass.
Running: chased long-haired Nurse Bertie around house to cage him for trip to vet for groom (his long hair matts) and mani-pedi.
No walks.  No time.
Note to self: must buy Fitbit to see how many steps I clock up doing movement stuff as above.

The dress comes with an arm-hiding  cardi-jacket.  Which is good (ref. previous pic).  Solar Shield sunglasses.

What I Read
Does reading emails count?  OK, read incomings.  Replied as required.
Does reading blogs count too?  Good.  Read plenty of those.
And writing a blog post?  Super.  Wrote one, so read/edited same.
Bought Fiona's new book on Kindle yesterday.  Keeping it for holiday read.  Then weakened and read sneaky chapter.

Product Details

Such a nice lady. I know it's going to be a lovely read, as are her blog posts.  Book is here.

My Focus For the Day
This is an area where I can often fail.  But I think I did well.  I think my focus items for the day were:
Tidy up patio so that pre-dinner drinks and amuse-bouche can be enjoyed with evening supper guests.  Done.
Shop for supper guests.  Done.
Remember Sis is popping round with mum's plant cutting.  Done.
Pre-prepare food for guests' supper.  Started (see "moved" above).
Tidy up cat.  Done.
Receive guests, serve meal and be charming hostess.  Not done (see "moved" above).

Phew, that's my bash at keeping control of my day, peeps.  Some things are out of one's control (see "moved" above) but one has to be fleet of foot.  That's life.  And I think the lobster can hold for maybe 48 hours. Double-phew! 
And What is to Come?  An embarrassing amount of t-shirt dresses to try on!!!

Have you tried documenting your day like this?
It does take up time to log it all.  But I am a Pensioner.  I Have Time :-).  But not time to sort out my Leaning Sheds, as my bro-in-law kindly pointed out during the Pout Estate walk :o).

A la perchoine.


  1. So cool! I love your post PP! It's way more comprehensive and humorous than mine too.

    My favourite bits:

    The family lemon verbena
    Cat checking you were still alive
    2 G&Ts as an abstemious replacement for a cancelled evening

    Genius, bravo to you! xx

  2. Aww Fiona, thanks for your sweet and fun message - I think I enjoyed your comment more than the post itself! Loving your postings. And book.
    My lemon verbena died last year, fortunately Sis's plant is a survivor, this is the second time she's bailed me out. We also keep Mum's indoor spider going with cuttings; fortunately that one keeps going for me.

  3. Oops. Ref. my above comment, I of course meant spider PLANT, Mum didn't keep an indoor spider and if she had, well, cutting it would be unthinkable and would definitely not keep it going!!