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Monday, 6 June 2016

Cruisers And Calories

You want naughty?  I'll give you naughty.  Take a look at this start to the day ...

Looks innocuous enough.  But take a closer look ...

Crumpets.  Hot crumpets.  Dripping in luscious Guernsey butter.
Now that is what I call naughty!

But is it naughty?  Because it's an interesting fact that if such naughtiness is quickly followed by a round of golf or similar, this swift action actually negates all calories recently consumed.  And probably leaves you with a small credit balance.  Isn't nature wonderful?  Yin and Yang.  For every bad there is a good.  For every calorie consumed there is a negating action.   Not a lot of people know that.
Such harmony, such balance. 
How wonderful it is that I observe this sense of balance that nature and the universe offer.  

So it goes without saying that immediately after Crumpet Time, I dashed down to the golf course for a swift round of negating action, and thus by observing this metaphysical phenomenon I ensured that not even one crumpet calorie touched my waistline today.


Following this surge of calorie-negating activity, I willingly changed out of my unflattering golf gear, freed my hair from its equally unflattering visor-and-hair-clamp hair "style" and my unflatteringly au-naturel face was sploshed with a bit of make-up.  And now, Showtime!

This swift turnaround was required as we were meeting up with a couple of visiting friends.

(Rosy cheeks - methinks I caught the sun this morning)

7/8 light taupe chinos, snakeskin flatties, both old, M&S; White Company taupe fine knit swing cardi, old; and a pink/cream/taupe print top from Next, now its enjoying its 3rd summer so that's tantamount to "new" in Pout World!

This choice of clothes was perfect for the day.   Layers.  Casual.  And in my eyes, smart.
Perfect for meeting up with those old friends.

  Our friends are from Devon and are holidaying on a cruise ship which was popping in to Guernsey today.  It was the ideal opportunity to catch up with them as we hadn't seen them for 3 years.

Here's their ship, Queen Victoria, part of the Cunard fleet.  Next stop, Bruges.


Cruise ships moored just off Castle Cornet, Herm island can be seen in the background.

Guernsey is one of the most visited ports of call for cruise ships within Northern European waters  and St Peter Port, the main harbour, is considered to be one of the most picturesque.    The island hosts more than 100,000 cruise liner passengers each year and the number of visiting liners increases year on year.  As a comparison, the island's population is just 60,000.

So, once safely ashore we showed our friends around a little of the island (though they have visited before) then took them for lunch at the golf club.


Crab and prawn cocktail.  Looking quite healthy, eh?

But don't fret. it did get naughtier quite soon after ...

With this.  Le Hechet ice cream, locally-made from Guernsey cows' milk.  Yummy.
But it wasn't totally unhealthy ... can you see a token strawberry lurking somewhere behind that pile of calories? 

Home is just a few minutes' drive from the golf club so we had time to sit in the garden enjoying a leisurely coffee and more chat in the sun, until sadly we needed to drive them back to the passengers' pick-up muster point back in town.

What a wonderful day we had with our friends.
And then I quickly returned to my turret, and here I sit. bashing my touch-typing fingers in frantic movement on this keyboard in order to negate any ice-cream-calories consumed  which may have exceeded my small credit balance from earlier.
Yin and Yang.

I hope you enjoyed the day too.
I've never been on a cruise.  Do you like going on cruises?
Have you visited Guernsey?
I wonder if I've holidayed in your neck of the woods ...

Wherever you are in this wonderful world of ours, I hope you enjoy your day or evening.

A la perchoine.

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