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Tuesday 7 June 2016

Danish Food - My Way! Prawn and Egg Open Sandwich

Oh how I love this little dish!  It works all year round but I am especially drawn to it on a summer's day.  Eating under the vine-covered pergola, birds a-singing, served with a cold sparkly water ... or a chilled white if I'm feeling naughty!

It's oh-so-simple but oh so nice, and can be a spontaneous little lunch as it calls for ingredients you probably already have in your fridge and freezer.  This can't really be called cooking. for this little dish is nothing more than a few moments of construction work!  But I thought to present it to you today to remind us of what nice little morsels can be put on a plate with a small flurry of effort.

Traditionally a dense rye bread is used but any bread can be used after preference. 
 My Way! is to serve it on a thick slice of white tiger bread!
I think a rye fights too much with the delicate topping flavours.

Think about your choice of prawn though - the better quality the prawn, the better the taste.  Because the prawns have nowhere to hide in this dish!
Oh, and it can also be tarted up with nice garnishes to make a fresh-tasting little starter.

Prawn and Egg Open Sandwich

My Way, with white bread

And simpler and more traditional, on a rye bread

(per serving)
Slice of bread, thickly sliced white (preferably tiger) bread for My Way, or a dense rye traditionally 
But anything goes really, pumpernickel, or a slice of white or brown from a "regular" loaf
Butter, Guernsey for me, Lurpak if going traditional, or any other good butter
Mayonnaise, lots of!
Lettuce, if desired
1 hard-boiled egg, cooled and sliced
Cooked prawns, well-drained, about a handful but after preference - you may want more :-)
Salt and freshly-ground black pepper
Snipped fresh dill or cress to garnish
Twist of lemon

 Butter the bread, then smooth over some mayonnaise.
Place a some lettuce over the mayonnaise, if desired
Place the sliced egg.
Pat over the prawns with kitchen roll to dry off any excess moisture, then place on top the egg.
Add extra mayonnaise over the prawns - your fit-bit will be very busy walking this lot off!
Garnish with chopped dill or cress and a twist of lemon, maybe a tbsp of cucumber salad here.
Serve it with a little salad garnish for a more hearty lunch dish.


A la perchoine.

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