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Friday 17 June 2016


Shining, streaming, gleaming,
Flaxen, waxen, show it, flow it,
Gimme Hair!

Not my words, but words from Hair, the seminal 60s musical.

I'm sharing these words with you because today I'm thinking about my 60s hair.
Have you noticed a change in your hair as you've gone through the journey to "a certain age"?
I certainly have.  And if you have too, then perhaps by sharing my Hair Journey, it may be of some small help to you.

Pre- A Certain Age

Back in the day, I used to keep my hair long and fringeless, which meant it needed little cutting.  Good for me as I don't particularly like going to the hairdresser. 
That style kept me going for years (read decades).  No probs there.  I guess that's why I now struggle to get comfortable with a new style.

I'd had it blonded for years to help me cope with greasy hair.  It worked!

But my hair has changed since my Karaoke-ing days in Rhodes, 2002!

Condition - a brittle subject?

Hair condition can often change when its wearer gets to a certain age.  Mine did.  Mine got brittle at the ends around my mid-50s and looked lifeless, despite the products and attention I piled on it.  So I had a fair bit chopped off to get rid of the brittle ends. 
My advice to you is if your hair loses its oomph, don't try to fight it, get it cut off and start again.

Grow grey gracefully?

I also stopped having colour treatments at that point because of the brittle factor.  Big decision!  I was unhappy with the effect colour treatments appeared to be having, and I'll be honest, I was just plain curious to see what colour it now was under all that blonde bombshell stuff!

As the remaining blonde grew out,  the emerging grey gave it a highlighted look.  If I had to give my hair a colour now, I would say it is Skunk.  It's dark at the back and has grey curtains at the front.  Some believe I've had a highlight/lowlight treatment!
Whatever, the look doesn't scare me and it has helped that colouring hair grey has become fashionable with the younger set.  What good timing for us to let our grey out!

Now, I see that there are several dividends when taking this route. 
Cheaper hairdressing bills, No. 1! 
Less time spent in the hairdresser's chair. 
But most importantly, the condition improves because it is free of heavy-duty colour products. 
Mine feels quite silky so I rarely use conditioner on it.  

And I'm being true to myself.

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

Aging hair also seems to thin on top, that's become apparent now that I'm well into my sixties.  That misfortune is not limited to the blokes, we ladies experience that too.  It's not down to whether you've had long or short hair either.  Mine's was long, my mum's was short, we've both had thinning hair, if it's going to happen, it will.

So having accepted my lot,  I now play around with what I've got. 

I sometimes pile it up to give it height. 
This seems to give it more bounce and vaguely hides the thinning bits but exposes more grey underbits.  Do I care?!

I play around with the partings and instead of just letting it fall from dankly from middle, I switch parting sides now and again.  This gives a little more body, as does a messy parting.

Pump it up!

My blonded hair had its own lift, now I get it from a bottle!  Grey hair tends to be blank and flat on top, so volume products help enormously.
My preferred products tend to come from the John Frieda volume range.  I might stray but I keep going back.

  Touchably Full Shampoo 7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment   Voilume Building Mousse  Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion

John Frieda's products seem to make a noticeable difference.

And finally!

 Back in the days of Hair! in the 60s, hair wasn't an issue.  Now in my 60s, seems it is. 
So my top tips for my 60s readers are:
  • Let hair find its own way, colourwise.
  • Don't fight the ageing lifeless hair ends, it's pointless, chop it off.
  • Lift the lankness with volume hair products.
  • Play around with partings to mask thinning hair.

Hope this helps!

Have you had a bit of a hair journey too?
What are you doing with your hair these days?
I'd love to know.

Thanks for popping in today.  Looking forward to meeting up again soon.

A la perchoine.

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  1. Thanks for popping in, Andrea. Hair does change slowly over time and it does more than just go grey, so there are quite a few tweaks needed from the 50s onwards. Hope my little journey helps others with the changes afoot when they get to a certain age.
    Thanks so much for your link. I'm having problems getting in right now, will try again later.