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Wednesday 15 June 2016

What A Difference A GHD Makes!

I've smartened up my act.  Just a bit.  I went to the hairdresser yesterday.


I spent a pleasant hour in here, flipping through Hello mags (gotta be done!) ...

... whilst Nikki at Tinas-Hair-Studio chopped my hair in at the sides, took a fair bit off the bottom and tidied up my messy fringe.  All long-overdue, judging from recent pics on this blog! I think she did a good job, considering what she has to work with.  Me.  I just need to mess it up a bit now!  

What about you - has your hair gone shorter, longer or stayed the same?
Have you let your hair go au naturel or do you have some whizzy colour treatments?
I'm intrigued to know how others deal with hair "of a certain age".

For the auspicious occasion I wore taupe 7/8ths chinos and some v. old metallic flatties, both M&S. 

 And I topped these with, well, not so much A Sleeper but more a Snoozer. 
I bought the Next  black metallic bead-trimmed shown above about a year ago.  And I didn't feel inspired to wear it,  just like the metallic sweater I wore recently here.

So my black metallic sweater hung in the wardrobe, dormant.  Then yesterday, just like with its taupe mate, I realised that metallic knits actually work well for cool summer days.  Because they are thin and tend to be long and slouchy. 
So the black beady knit has now been kissed out of its dormant state by a handsome prince (poetic embellishment) and has been brought to useful life in my wardrobe.  First stop, the hairdresser.

Now peeps, must dash as I'm off to see my Great Niece.  It's her 1st birthday soon so I'm popping round with her pressie whilst she's at Granny and Pop's.  I'll show you what I've got her, but please don't spill the beans if you see her before the big day!

It's from Next.  It's it cute?! She is going to look gorgeous in this little outfit.

Oh dear.  This was going to be a quick dive post today.  Look where it's led me.  Showing you toddler's dresses! 
Trouble is, when I start chatting with you guys, I just loose all sense of time and focus!

A la perchoine.


  1. Oh I love your new 'do'. It suits you. Time to get my fringe chopped too. It always grows so fast in the Summer, don't you think?
    The little dress and cardi are so adorable. Mom and daughter will be excited opening that thoughtful gift:) Lucky girl!

  2. Thanks for popping in. Yes, so right - hair grows like grass in summer. Feels like mine's been mown, hope it grows quickly! Don't know if little girls get in to fashion that young but I hope my GN will feel special when she wears it.

  3. Love the new haircut, even just a little trim and blow dry makes such a difference We all need this pampering every few weeks.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Nora. I'm pleased you like it. A little bit of pampering perks us up, eh.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Nora. I'm pleased you like it. A little bit of pampering perks us up, eh.

  6. Why thank you,La Duchesse! However, the cut is proving to be a challenge when it is left in the hands of The Pout :-(.