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Wednesday 30 March 2016

(White) Jean's On!

When I wake up in the mornin' light
I pull on my white jeans and I feel alright

Ok, it's a while since I paraphrased, so let's dust down the David Dundas hit and tweak it to how I feel right now.  
For I am itching to pull on my white jeans  ... And feel alright.  
Because White Jeans means summer's here!

Those cheeky white jeans do tend to look less white and more tired after a couple of summers' wear.  Do you find that?  Or is that just me 'fessing up to my bad laundry skills?  Anyway, mine are at that stage, less than sparkly white, so I'm on the hunt for a good replacement. 

I know a longer length should suit my short legs more than crops and that's what I should be shopping.  That's how it should work in theory, longer length then lengthens the leg line. But I am so drawn to white crops, I feel so much more frisky, light and summery in them. 
 So I am torn on which way I should/shall go.  Dressing to my body versus just feeling bloomin' good? My jury's out right now!

Here is my shortlist

From Next

Slim jeans, £ 20

Button fly cigarette jeans, £24

And from M and S

0zone straight leg jeans, £18

As you can see, I'm attempting to stay on-message with the longer length.  Well, for the first round of my search, at least!  And as the "whiteness" tends to grey over time, I don't like to spend too much on white jeans, so price was the key driver in the search, with a healthy amount of elastane coming a close second!

I'd like my look to be something like this


But the reality is this


No, this is not me (badly) airbrushing out a bad hair day, it's the way the pic came off the back-up site.

So the search is on.  I'm on the case, maties, and I will hopefully report come back in a few days with some results.

Have you found the perfect white jeans for summer?
Ankle length or crops?

A la perchoine.

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