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Friday 11 March 2016

Outfits, Vets and Automobiles

 It's been a busy couple of days so sadly I've had little time to put together anything more than a simple post with a few piccies. 
And as usual, the busy days are the days when the sun shines in a cloudless sky, the wind drops and the spring vibe is all around.

Yesterday was pretty much used up by picking up the new car - well, new to this household but not a new car per se.   But it is a capacious estate car that welcomes with its electronically opening boot any large golf bags and trolleys you want to throw at it and its comfy interior and pokey engine sing out "take me on holiday with you". So it's wish is my command - it just may have a little trip away later in the summer.

The lengthy buying process seems to involve hours of sitting round a salesman's desk, drinking coffee, chatting and filling in lots of pieces of paper.  And I mean hours!!  Then going through pretty much the whole process again a few days later ... only with slightly different bits of paper.
Whilst the spring sun works its magic outside, without me.

What a gal wears when picking up the "new" car.
The White Company wrap top in taupe jersey with Accessorise taupe mix scarf and Next sculpt jeans.

And layered with a White Company swing cardi, as the day was sunny but quite chilly.

The route to the garage along the west coast road is littered with the debris of our recent storm - piles of small rocks, vraic (seaweed) and mounds of sand lie along the roadside, lifted up from the beach by the sea's might.  The Storm With No Name coincided with a spring tide, so huge powerful waves crashed over sea walls for some hours on Wednesday evening.

And today was filled with a trip to the vet with a sick pussycat (on-going problem, he seems OK now) and some family time including a meet-up - with coffee & buttered Guernsey Gache :-) - to make plans for a forthcoming holiday.
  Yippeeee!!!  We have two lovely family holidays coming up soon - I am very excited!

The busy day called for something ultra-easy, so Next black jersey wrap top with East embellished scarf over M&S jeggings.

And outdoors with my M&S puffa jacket. 
The quietened sea is just about visible in the background.  Sorry, the shot is taken with that little Canon again,  it doesn't take a brilliant picture but it fits in my pocket, so hey ho.

A la perchoine.

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