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Wednesday 2 March 2016

What I Did in the Holidays

I got creative with cardboard boxes!
Half-term coincided with some Amazon deliveries = cardboard boxes = creativity.

Immediately the boxes were emptied, we got going with making a garage complete with ramp from one box (no good photos, unfortunately) and a decorated basket for carrying small collectibles with the other.  We made up some of our own characters to decorate the sides.   Creativity and fun inspired by Amazon and its sturdy boxes.

Here's our decorated collectibles basket:

Don't you just love younger people's infectious enthusiasm, imagination and sometimes outside-the-box (see what I did there?!) ideas? 
Thank you, Little People, for letting me join your world!

And we met this little fella when out walking, a dear little Shetland Pony (sorry about bad pic)

Our fun continued with a birthday meal for GS, complete with Storm Trooper birthday cake. 
I would absolutely LOVE to share with you a photo of his ST cake,
but technology has frustratingly failed me .

So instead, you get what I wore!
Woolovers charcoal cashmere-merino polo neck; Dorothy Perkins denim skirt, v.old;
Gabor brown Anna knee boots.

3/4 camel coat from Dorothy Perkins,
the faithful Next print scarf draped over the shoulders, granny-style!

I remember the challenge as a child, returning from school holidays and having to write that dreaded essay, What I Did in the Holidays.  The challenge for me was how to fill a page with "I went to the beach"!

Now, what did you do in the holidays? 

A la perchoine.

ps. As I've been typing this, 60 mph winds, hailstorms and thunder and lightening have been pounding down on my turret.  Fortunately, the former has moved the others swiftly away.

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