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Tuesday 29 March 2016

The Name and Shame Effect

A big part of why I put myself out in the Blogisphere is to encourage (shame) me to smartening up my act.  The theory is that if I know I'm going to be photographed at some point during the day, then I will think a little about what I am going to put on at the start of it.

Try as I may, I don't quite achieve the "smart" bit a lot of the time, but I am working on it.  Photos show up everything, worts and all.  And I have to be brave enough to post them, in order to learn along the way.

So what have I learned so far on this Blog Journey?  It's time to Name and Shame!

My Scruffy Shoes
I must be one of the world's laziest when it comes to shoe cleaning.  So I love when shoes sort themselves out without my intervention.  Boots like the Gabor Anna do that superbly.  But I have learned from my blog photos that my Gabor nubuck bootees need attention, even if just occasionally.

Let's take a closer look at those boots ...

Pretty Scruffy, huh?

To be fair, these are the only footwear I've brought over on this holiday so it's no surprise they look like this, they have rather taken a pounding from much sightseeing!

My Cat's Hair
I have a fluffy cat.    Meet Bertie.

Bertie sheds hair 12 months of the year.  A lot of it ends up on my clothes.  Or in my suitcase.
Sometimes I make the effort to pick off the hair.  Often I forget. 

Badly-airbrushed catfluff

Here I tried to "airbrush" out some hair after I'd posted the piccie.  The top shows weird marks from my novice airbrushing attempt.  Using the very entry-level software on my Kindle.
I accept that I am not good at it. And that I need more than entry-level anything.  So now I leave that one to the experts.  What you see is what you will certainly get on this blog, unfortunately.  Fluff, dirty boots and all.

So, lessons learned -  step away from the airbrush,  check for Bertie-hair. Always.

My Own Hair
Courtesy of this blog, I have seen that it shows signs of thinning ... or a fringe needs cutting ... or my mop needs re-styling.  Or all three!
I have to admit I'm a bit lost with my hair and I'm afraid I do very little with it.  My hair needs some serious thought.
But in the meantime, I should at the very least check the mirror when I come in from a windy-day walk!

Wind-bedraggled hair

My Neck
I discovered my aging neck before I started the blog.  I should do all I can to hide it.  But do I?  Nah!  I forget.  Then I see glimpses of the exposed neck on the blog.  But hey ho, that's life, that's aging, that's being a pensioner, after all.
I have a neck for scarves.  End of.  So why don't I wear the bloomin' things?!

My Weight
I (naively) hoped that a by-product of seeing myself "on-screen" would sub-consciously trigger something magical that would make me lose weight.  Evidently it hasn't.  Evidently there is no magic.

And Finally, My Short Legs
Yes, they are short.  But just how does The Photographer manage to shorten them even more?!

I understand that one can lengthen the visual appearance of the body by wearing all one colour for top and bottom, to create a column, then adding a shirt, cardi or jacket over those for colour. I believe it works.   But I don't think the best column dressing this side of The Pecos could have helped me in this shot!

So there you have me, worts and all, thanks to the honesty of photography.  By posting pics, I now recognise that I have grooming issues that need just as much smartening up as do my outfits. Some other issues may take longer to fix.

But by being Named and Shamed via this blog, I hope its effect will be that I do something about it - PDQ!

Am I alone in my messiness?
Are there any grooming issues you can share?
What's your approach to dealing with things you want to change?

A la perchoine.

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