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Saturday 26 March 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Different day, different weather, and it feels like a different season.  
Last week we visited Scotney Castle with SD and DF.  It was freezing cold and gloomy, but the magic of the castle shone through. 
The Sibs had seen their photos posted on FB and really wanted to visit the place for themselves during their visit.  So, oh dear, The Photographer and I had to go back to that magical place again!  No hardship, of course, especially when on this glorious Good Friday the castle's magic stepped several notches, as you will see below. 

Firstly, the medieval castle.

Meet Bro.  We're enjoying a little break in the castle's grounds.

With memories of the recent bitterly cold visit, we took warm coats but carried them round most of the day as this truly was a warm spring day.

I loved the Boat House, it sparked such thought.  
I imagined times gone by when boats would have been returned there - by children having enjoyed hours of Enid Blyton adventures on the moat, by young ladies wooed with evening champagne picnics by moustachioed young men, by more mature couples having fished for the elusive resident pike whilst enjoying the afternoon son a la the delightful pairing of Peter Fonda and Katherine Hepburn, On Golden Pond ...

Three Little Duckies enjoying the warm, sunny, spring day.

And two  bigger Duckies enjoying the day too!

I love the beautiful reflections on the still blue water.

Now, back into the newer Victorian Castle 

for some internal shots

The dining room, set up for a cosy supper for 10!

My favourite of the guest bedrooms, The Bamboo Room.
I love painted furniture and this was painted in a gorgeous jade/turquoise mix.

The Gentleman's Bedroom - dark colours, heavy wood furniture.

The Lady's Bedroom - airy, oriental, gilt and with a hint of cat
(pussycat lavender bag hanging on the right of the bedstead).

The last lady resident loved cats - a collection of cat ornaments adorns her en suite bathroom.

The owners' apartment includes a cosy sitting room with nice homely touches like floral-decorated black painted furniture and tapestry cushions.

I apologise if you are feeling a bit Groundhog Day having seen shots of the castle last week, but I felt I experienced a totally new castle on such a beautiful day and I hope that maybe you feel that way too.  Because, what a difference a day makes!

And look what I found in the grounds ...

Sweet spring primroses nestled by an old tree trunk

And an old jalopy - and I mean the beautifully restored 
and polished old Ford car, and not me!

Here's what I wore.

M&S navy bobble button cardi over a Primark longline navy/white stripe V-neck top, with Next slim jeans and M&S Chelsea boots.  All new!  From my recent shop here.

Worn with an M&S scarf from 2014, white with delicate navy & taupe patterning.

 These boots are made for walking!

Here are the Chelsea boots displayed on old banqueting hall flagstone, seeing action for the first time.  I wore them all day and my feet felt absolutely fine right to the end, despite the pounding they took walking miles and miles in new boots.  They passed their Initiation Ceremony with flying colours, so are an excellent sale buy.  Recommended.

Apropos footwear generally, I have found in the last year or so that shoe sizes are all over the place.  I currently fit in a range between 4.5 and 5 (37 and 38, continental).  I was even able to wear a 5.5  (39), albeit with a bit of tissue shoved down in the toe end!!  Yet I had my feet measured by a Clarks lady last week and they are still their old size 5.  What's going on?!

I hope you are having a glorious Easter weekend.
A la perchoine.

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