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Sunday 20 March 2016

These Boots Are Made For Battling

The Sussex town of Battle is built on the area where the Battle of Hastings took place in 1066.   Battle Abbey was built on the site of the actual battle where 7,000 poor souls lost their lives.   William the Conqueror built it as a penance.  This is what remains.

A moment's thought.

Moving on -
M&S jumper, grey relaxed skinnies and scarf from Next.
A very simple weekend look.

And here's DF entering into the spirit of this blog!
Wearing top to toe in navy from Charles Voegele in Holland, the top is beautifully loose and lacy, and ideal for layering in winter and keeping cooler when wearing it in summer.

I hope to pick up a few new things whilst I'm over here.  I'm so looking forward to finally showcasing something new for you!  Ideally I would like to find a few nice layers and some transitional shoes as ... da da daaahh, I only brought over the boots I travelled in.  
Yes.  Really!  

These poor Gabors are having to fit in with each day's outfit and they are putting up a brave battle but I have to find them some backup pdq.  My obvious first port of call was Clarks, as I have become a big fan in recent years.  I was, however,  disappointed with what they had on offer when I did a little reccie this week.
   I came away empty-handed, probably because between-season shopping is just setting oneself up for failure. 
Hey ho, onwards and upwards, I'm sure something will turn up next week ...

Blowin' in the Wind!

But back to the town of Battle which is pretty, filled to the gunnels with beautiful houses and an interesting mix of architecture, tempting restaurants and shops 
... and lots of Ye Olde Tea Shoppes where wonderful cakes are served!  Yum!

There are some nice housey shops - and here are some Easter bunnies scampering around on the furniture! I like the upcycled cupboard in this window display, I'd like to give that style a try.

And what better way is there to round off a day of mooching in an old English town?
Yup, pub  fish and chips!

A la perchoine.

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