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Sunday 13 March 2016

The Calm Before The Storm

Everything looked pretty calm on Saturday. 

M&S pink cashmilon sweater with button cuff trim and jeggings, H&M denim shirt.

With Cotton Traders quilted jacket.

And then off I go for a beach walk on a nice sunny day.  It was really quite warm so no need for scarf to protect the neck from winds, of which there was pretty much nothing.

We have BIG tide shifts.  I'll take a picture some time of this view at high tide.  Big difference.

You can just about spot some surfers in this pic.

The sun and the clear blue skies were out again on Sunday.  Good start to the day. 

Then, a simple "See you Wednesday" when on the phone to SD who is meeting up with us at the start of our forthcoming holiday, was responded with "No, you're travelling on Tuesday". 

Picture the opening scene in 4 Weddings and a Funeral.  Definitely some expletives filled the air.  A mad dash to check the flight details confirmed she was, of course, totally correct, for she has a fresh young brain!  We had a day less to prepare for the trip.  Yikes!
  A storm descended on this household.  A quick damage-limitation conversation resulted in a Plan B (a mess of scribbled notes as we emptied our OAP brains on to paper - not literally of course, that would be awful.  And messy.  And counter-productive, for we had a house to clean, not mess up. 
The essence of the list was Fast Track Everything.  

There ensued more mad scurrying and storming around throughout the day working to Plan B; sorting out the cat food and stuff; laundry, organising and cleaning;  and a first attempt at packing!  And only then were we on top of things.  

But this was so not how I'd envisaged my day when drinking a leisurely first coffee of the day before the storm erupted.  Fortunately I was a little ahead of the game, having last week completed the more serious prepping of laundering and ironing sofa and dining chair covers.  I took solace from that thought as I scurried around like a whirling dervish.

I usually tell myself that my OAP blunders are in some way endearing and typical of an aging lady, but messing travel dates is one BIG non-non, and only some serious diarising and checklist templates can avoid this in future.  I'd better get on to it.  Immediately.  But after I've finished this post.  And when I've had a G&T.  And then caught up on The Night Manager on TV.  Yeah, you get this picture too - I am a serious procrastinator so be prepared for a repetition of this post in the near future! 

Do you have forgetful moments?  Do you get yourself in a pickle?

BTW, I'll have the technology to continue posting whilst I'm away so it should be business as usual.  Provided I remember :-)

A la perchoine.


  1. Hi Mary, I love the pink on you! It's such a pretty shade.

    1. I am enjoying putting some spring colour in my life so thanks for your inspiration, Karen! Hope you are enjoying spring too.

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