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Monday 21 March 2016

I Reveal All ... Eventually!!

Chanel, Vitalumière Satin Smoothing Fluid Make Up SPF15

I've said it before but there are some things I just haven't economised on in pensionerhood. 
One of those things is this foundation

It's light and moist and gives just the sort of cover I need these days.  I recommend it.

The blurb says that it is a source of youth and light, it revives tired, dull complexions and that its fluid texture contains moisturisers to ensure maximum comfort for the skin. 

I think it delivers.  Mostly.  The "youth" bit it stretching my boundaries! 

My complexion is supposed to appear visibly rested, with its vitality and luminosity restored.
Well, my skin always looks better with a light coating of this stuff and if luminous means that it feels "invisible" when on, if that makes any sense, then it certainly does deliver - I think it is the luminosity bit that I am most sold on as I believe I do see that on my skin.

I have noticed that a my skin has lightened in the last few years.  The ruddiness has reduced.  I think it's nature's way that as hair lightens and turns grey, the skin keeps in sync by lightening too, to compensate and complement.  How clever!

Thus, the foundation shades I've used in past years for summer and winter now appear a little too dark and don't blend well with my neck. 

 So I am experimenting with lighter shades of foundation on this lighter skin of mine. 

I'm trying out this shade, 20 Clair/Cameo.  So far, it looks like it's pretty perfect for me.
I'll report back if that changes!

I've also developed a little "trick" in recent weeks that I just may well keep.  I dot light amounts of foundation on the areas that need cover - for me this is cheeks and nose, where I am at my ruddiest. but we are all different.  I then use the residue on my fingers (or sponge, your choice) and work it in to the rest of the face, upwards from the jaw level and inwards from the brow and sides. 
This seems to lose the edge-lines and neck-blend, creating a softer, more blended look. 

I've also found a cheap-as-chips BB cream which does a great job too when applied in the same way.  It's also more widely available, e.g. Boots and Amazon - my Chanel must-have is pretty tricky to find in the high street so I tend to order online.

Here's the little beauty:

Simple+bb+balm, £4.19 at Boots

And right now whilst on holiday, I'm using it over its smart sister:

Simple Kind to Skin+ Illuminating Radiance Cream, 50ml
Simple Kind to Skin+ Illuminating Radiance Cream 50ml - £4.39 at Boots here.

Both under £5, how's that for economising?!

And, in closing, I can honestly say that I do enjoy the (getting more frequent) days when I reveal all - no foundation, no BB balm, just light moisturiser with me shining through - bien dans ma peau!

Have you made adjustments to your look as the years have gone by?
Like reducing the amount of make-up you wear?
Or enjoying going au-naturel, being bien dans votre peau?
Do you have any tips to share?

A la perchoine.

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