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Saturday 5 March 2016

Working the LBD

LBDs, I have a few,
But then, again, not so few that I can mention them all here!

And that's my paraphrasing done for this week! 
Thank you, Paul Anka and Ole Blue Eyes for that perfect song.

But yes, I do indeed have more than a few Little Black Dresses which I have collected over the years.  I like a go-to LBD.  The perfect dress. 
In my former life, they were more formal or fancy. 
These days my life moves at a slower and less formal pace.  My go-to LBD tends to be a long-sleeved black jersey t-shirt dress, knee or ankle length (I have both), dressed up or down, well, My Way.  
Who knows if any of the "collection" will be worn again; it would be nice if the opportunity arose even if just occasionally 😋.    But I do hang on to my them because,   
1.  LBDs tend to be pretty timeless, a good fit, well-made and in good fabric, and 
2.  Never Say Never. 

Whether you are a big fan or not, I'm guessing you have a Little Black Dress hanging in your wardrobe.  I am also guessing that by it's nature it's a go-to dress.

My friend (dressing-to-stand-test-of-time) can be seen in the photo here with one of her favourite go-to LBDs.  It fits all the criteria in point 1. above. 
On this particular occasion, she was invited to a special lunch and it was a great opportunity to wear this perfect dress.  It's by Jospeh Ribcopt (we think that's how it's spelt!).  It has some beautiful feature seaming at hip-line, which unfortunately isn't too visible in the photo (that's the downside of black clothing!).  She teamed it with Clarks boots. 

Doesn't she look nice?  And doesn't she look comfortable in it?  Bien dans sa peau. 
I think that is a big advantage of the LBD - the effect it has.  You put it on and instantly you feel comfortable, you forget about what you're wearing and it shows in your smile. 
And my friend's photo says all of those things.  It's the perfect paradigm of what an LBD is all about!

My friend always looks so stylish and she is spot-on with smart casual, she really gets it! 
She does some super layering and mixes. 

Thank you for sharing this pic, dear friend!

Do you have a fave LBD?  Or a go-to dress that maybe isn't black?
A dress that you forget you're wearing?  That shows off your best accessory - your smile?!

A la perchoine.

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