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If not now, when?

Thursday 10 March 2016

If Not Now, Then Just When Exactly?

You will be pleased to hear that I've put yesterday's rage behind me.   And the Storm With No Name has moved on too, so it's all good.

However, the relationship between Windows 10 and photos is still quite ugly in PP Towers, so I have turned my back on that particular photo challenge and moved on to brighter things. 
Like my new lipstick - look how bright it is!!!

YSL Lipstick With No Name

And could this be my new profile pout shot, I wonder?!!

Lady in front of a wind-battered olive tree.
Woolovers brown cashmere/merino edge cardi, Per Una brown print blouse, Next lift and sculpt jeans and the old Clarks tan bootees.

And lady with wind-battered hair!

Talking of hair, I mentioned in a post or two back that I was cherishing every single eye brow hair that I own.  I haven't plucked for years.  Even if these days some of those brow hairs are white and wiry and disproportionately long!  I need every single hair to create some semblance of a brow, no matter its aesthetical value, as over time my brows have become a thinner version of their former bushy selves.  This is the kind of thing that the next generation of females need to be prepared for, random hair loss will happen, it's not just a bloke thing.

I then chanced upon a post written by someone I follow who mentioned clipping the brow hairs with scissors.  It sparked a memory of my Mum clipping hers.  And I thought, duh, that's what I should have been doing with that long white thing, just like Mum used to do.  I went to the mirror and ... it's almost disappeared.  Even the old lady wiry ones are abandoning me now!

It reminded me of a realisation about aging that came to me last year. 
Physically, things aren't going to improve with age, quite the opposite in fact - they are not going to get any better, they will get worse, so, at this moment in time, it is as good as it's ever going to get. 

The revelation came to me, as usual, during one of my many  shallow moments when I realised that I'd been avoiding wearing skirts for fear of displaying my veined legs. 

It dawned on me (yeah, another duh! moment) that those veins won't disappear or reduce, but instead they will get worse over the years,
so if I don't get my legs out and wear summer skirts now. I never will. 

That's the aging process for you.  It was a gloomy thought but it was really quite liberating. 
The cropped jeans came off, the fake tan was slapped around and on went the skirts.  
I realised too how wonderful fake tan is, it hides a myriad of imperfections.  My tanned veins didn't look quite so bad and how wonderful if felt to be gadding about in light summer skirts, displaying my "sun" kissed legs.

And that was me, folks, liberated!  Joy was restored and the pout returned!!!
I now apply that test to much that I am challenged by as I continue to age. 
If I think this is bad, just wait to see what more the aging process has in store for me. 

So I don't hold back waiting for better times - if not now, then just when exactly?!

A la perchoine.

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  1. Don't keep commenting on other blogs...people will eventually come over.
    I think your very brave. I could not write a blog...I just love reading others all over the world.