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Tuesday 8 March 2016

The Duracell of Mascaras

Buying beauty products by internet may be time-saving, but some things just need to be physically touched or tested and need to be bought on the High Street.  Like foundation. 
I need one of these super foundations
Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Make Up
but in a lighter shade as I am still using my summer shade (bad PP!) -  the reason for this beauty faux-pas is that I rarely go into Town these days, oh how parochial I have become in retirement! 
But today I made the 15 minute trip as Creaseys was calling, nay, screaming at me that it was time I sorted myself out!

Creasey's is our local department store and here it is, on our little High Street, on the left of this picture where the
cheerful big flags are fluttering.

Unfortunately, I discovered that they no longer stock Chanel products (back to the internet for me) but it was not a wasted trip as I also needed a mascara.

I've used YSL False Lash Effect mascara for years and although I've tried cheaper brands on retirement, I soon went back to this one because I do like its false lash effect and it seems to be much kinder to my aging lashes than other brands.
As I age, I cherish each and every eyelash and eyebrow hair!

It's effect is just as described on the tube.  And it's kind to lashes.
And it is the Duracell of Mascaras, it lasts for ages!
I really do recommend it.

Oh joy!  When I got to the YSL counter today I discovered that there's a deal on - a free lipstick!  OK, I don't really need a lipstick (you do not want to know how many I have accumulated over the years!) ... but ... look what came home with me!

It's a great opportunity to try both products whilst this deal is on.

A la perchoine.


  1. I've read all your posts....keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks for your encouraging words, Ali, I love hearing from readers. I hope my parochial life travels well globally!