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Sunday 6 March 2016

OOTDs - 7 Scarves for 7 Outfits

 For fear of being too formulaic (can that be possible after just a few short weeks in Blog Land?),  I decided I wouldn't set myself a dressing challenge this week.  I started the week with no restrictions and no out-of-comfort-zone stuff. I'd have a break.
Then I wore a skirt and got to thinking how I do enjoy the combo of skirt and opaques but that there aren't that many weeks left to wear them, so skirts sneaked in as a theme, together with an unplanned but even more dominant theme than skirts ...  scarves - there are 7 of them!

So here, apologetically and formulaically, I give you the week's scarves, with outfits being a mere afterthought, it would seem!

Ready for an Early-Bird at Le Petit Bistro
Woolovers slinky cashmere/merino polo neck in charcoal, Dorothy Perkins jersey charcoal/black stripe skirt, and Clarks "granny" laced heels.  Grey-mix glass beaded necklace and earrings (gifts) from N J Paints, Jewellers.  Hand-painted scarf, as footnote.

Dorothy Perkins 3/4 camel coat, Next animal print scarf, Dorothy Perkins denim skirt, Gabor brown Anna knee boots

On the way to a family birthday meal at the Rockie, without the coat, polo neck as before

M&S black puffa jacket, Next print scarf, Dorothy Perkins jersey stripe skirt, Clarks "granny" shoes

M&S black/white print jersey top, Per Una jeggings, Gabor black nubuck bootees.  The mustard cardi is longer available but here are (similar)

and with black/red/mustard paisley scarf from visiting French markct

The White Company taupe wrap cardi with taupe modal vest underneath (not in shot), Next doggy taupe print scarf (a gift from a French friend), M&S pure wool skirt, Gabor black nubuck bootees

Skirt as above with M&S Limited Collection black modal vest, Woolovers cashmere/merino edge cardi, Gabor black nubuck bootees;  the animal print scarf is actually an old beach sarong that I've "re-purposed" in recent years

Skirt and granny shoes as belore. Woolovers cashmere/merino longline jumper in black, Tie Rack black/red/beige silk scarf

Off car-hunting in Dorothy Perkins "car coat"* with taupe/grey print scarf, a gift from my Dutch friend.  *if you were around in the 50s and 60s, you will remember The Car Coat, so on reflection I find it amusingly appropriate that I chose this coat to go looking for cars! 

Walking the ruettes in my M&S waxed jacket.
Our latest storm, Jake, has allowed few windows for walking this week.  Seizing those dry windows of opportunity meant walks were fairly brief.  And, wouldn't you just know it, on the few days of beautiful sunshine - car-hunting called!

Now, on to the scarf in pic 1.  It is a beautiful hand-painted silk scarf in grey tones with just a hint of pink, very "me" colours.  It was a giveaway on The Vivienne Files, which I was lucky enough to win.  Janice is editor of the blog and is a very clever and very nice lady.  Thank you, Janice, for pulling my name out of the hat!

Reflecting on the week, my observations are that -
I do like the skirt and opaque combo, 
skirts tend to tidy me up a bit, 
and I was pleased I got a lot of wear out of my black wool.

And although the week was neither theme nor challenge, I like stats so let's look at the tally:
3 skirts, 1 jeans, 2 jumpers, 3 cardis, 2 vests, 1 top, 2 footwear,  some outerwear ... and 7 scarves!
A la perchoine.

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