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Friday, 21 September 2018

Thieving Thriday - The Pink Cocoon and MIA

I like cocoons,
And I cannot lie.

Yes, I cannot lie, I'm more than a little caught up in the cocoon cardi craze.
I didn't know I even had  a cocoon until in recent months when the name was popping up all over the stateside blogosphere, but it would seem that my old Windsmoor cardi is pretty much an Identikit cocoon - 

curved at the bottom edges,

shawl collar

and that certain something that creates a constant need to cocoon it around you.

I'd like a smarter version of my old cardi love* but search as I might, I couldn't find any online in the UK, but I've followed my blogging sista's reccie into Cocoon World on her blog.

Beautifully styled eh?  I love the combo of pink, white and taupe - it pops up an image of ice cream.   And I like icecream!
Here I see strawberry, vanilla and coffee, and what's not to love about that combo. 
Kellyann is looking icecream-delicious and I wanted a scoop of what she's having!
So I thieved!

It's ok, my sista is a self-confessed thief of outfit ideas too, so it's ok for me to steal from her -  honour amongst thieves eh?

Cardi, Primark.

(Believe me, this was the best of the photo bunch.  The sun glared on outfit and face and showed mine and the outfit's, er, slight imperfections.  And I had to tether flapping cardi and hair from the strong wind.  Yup, it was not a good day for photos.)

Well, I drafted this post two weeks ago, then made the decision to pull back the post for a few days to give me time to re-do steal and photos, because I felt as it stood, my steal just didn't honour Kellyann's stylish look one iota.  And then the days drifted.  Drifted into a blogger's fug that perhaps can be called blogger's block, but it felt more like blogger's break.  I was not short on blog inspiration - heavens, I've probably got a couple of hundred draft posts sitting there pretty much good to go.

After I'd stopped blogging for a few days I realised I was no longer out on my morning constitutional, head busily composing next week's posts.  Instead I was looking at the falling leaves, smelling the autumn air.  It felt good. 

I realised too that I'd been blogging for 2.5 years, without pausing even whilst on holiday.
And as the days rolled on, it began to feel like I was playing hookie.  And sorry guys, but hookie felt soooo good!

Contrary to common belief, blogging isn't all plain sailing, as that sweet soul Kellyann pointed out on her blog this week.  Please pop over to read Kellyann's post on blogging HERE.  Thank you, dear lady, for writing those truths and getting me back in my garret.  It's good to read that we share common issues out in the blogosphere; reading her article helped me find some perspective again.  And as I don't earn from my blog, I really should give myself (and you!) a break now and again, eh?

But on the bright side, I tried the look again with another cardi and a patterned top and with better weather and location.

Old, from Next.

Zara cardi,

And though not what I'd planned, not the steal per se, this felt fine.

I'm going to leave the Kellyann steal where it is, with no urge to clean up a bad job.  It is my Unfinished Steal (move over, Schubert!), left for eternity as a reminder that sometimes I need to step away from the day-to-day and smell the rain-dampened leaves.

I leave you on a positive note with some of the Stateside cocoons.

If any readers have come across something like this UK-side, please let me know.

And with much thanks, love and deep hugs to Kellyann,
I leave you, a la perchoine, 
Mary X.



  1. You look lovely in both these outfits whether you stole them or not. Good for you in taking a break as you will feel refreshed.

    1. Thanks so much, Christy. I know I sound a bit of a wimp needing a break from a hobby but blogging does tend to dominate the day and it starts to feel like a day job. Friendships made, like with you my dear, are the top of the list and are a surprise bonus, then going through photos is right down at the bottom! Have a nice weekend, x.

  2. Good to see you back into the blog 'swing of things'again! I can imagine that you need a break every now and then. Having just read Kellyann's blog about what is involved...hats off to everyone who does this as a hobby!! Hobby may not be the right word; it seems to be a way of life and something that takes over your life if you are not careful. To comment on this blog...I still love your cocoonish, shawlcollar cardigan. It looks so comfy!

    1. Oh believe me, Dutchie, that cardi is C.O.S.Y. !!!
      Yes, dear Kellyann explained it so well, as Susan's blog (see her comment below) explains the trials of the photography side, which I still have with me but those American ladies are so lucky to have this new Echo Look contracption which cuts out a huge amount of the "labour". So yes, we need our breaks and I must discipline myself to take them.
      Thanks for popping in, I know I owe you a reply, sorry for my snail-like performance!
      Hugs my sweetness, x.

  3. Mary, I love the sweater. It looks like something I would want to wear every day in winter. And you know that I share your feelings about blogging. As you have noticed, I take periodic breaks. Like you, it is a hobby for me, and I like doing it, but it is not the number one priority in my life. I started doing because I wanted to help people (including me) figure out ways to dress more flatteringly (is that a word?)I will never have a slick, sophisticated fashion blog, but that's okay; in fact, your blog is my favorite! You are definitely a sophisticated person, but your blog is down to earth and not too offense! I'm sure you know what I mean. Thanks for your recent comments on the Echo Look..hope you can get one. Off to read Kellyann's post!

    1. Oh Susan, you are too charming! But I do appreciate that you like my blog and keep coming back for more! And I thought you explained the photography process so well - I'm counting the days (and hopefully not months) until Amazon launches Echo Look here in the UK.
      And absolutely no offense taken! I know exactly what you mean - my blog is "homespun" and more "shop your wardrobe" than "shop the store". I would like to understand more techy stuff and if I continue blogging, I think I need to invest some time in that. But hey ho, it's a hobby eh, and I'm going to take your lead and have some breaks when I feel I need them.
      Thanks for popping in with your words of wisdom, I'm sure you'll find Kellyann's blogging post says so much of what we all go through.
      Hugs my lovely, and looking forward to those new "selfies", x.

  4. My dear friend you look terrific in your steal! We share the thieving bond! I love your first outfit and see nothing wrong at all - it's gorgeous. What's more is that you do in fact have the perfect cardis you just have to call them by a different name - let's channel our inner Shakespeare shall we? Thanks for all the love in this post and I am so glad you took a break and came back. We all need to step away sometimes but I'd miss you so much if you left. You have a lot to offer this community of women and you are a talented writer so keep on keepin' on my friend! I think you and TP need a break and a visit to FL!!!
    Hugs and big love to you!

    1. I think we share the thieving GENE sista! Thank you for being kind about the outfit, nothing wrong with it but the sunlight showed up all the wrinkles and bumps and I know I could honour you better. Love your suggestion to channel my inner Shakespeare because, yes, these cardis are whatever the Bard or the Pout want to call them eh?!!
      Your post made me understand that we all find blogging hard and it did get me to buck up my act and get back on to the blog, so thank you so much for that.
      I know that you're going through a difficult time but who knows what next year may hold, The Pout and TP stateside maybe?!!
      TP and I send you our love and so many hugs that you may well drop a dress size from all the squeezing! XX.

  5. I absolutely LOVE your Windsmoor cardi (the best!). Mind you, you look great in anything.

    DJ from Wellington, NZ

    1. Oh DJ from Wellington, you are charm personified. Thank you! I appreciate you popping in all the way from NZ - I toured around South Island and absolutely loved your country and its people, though didn't quite make it across to Wellington.
      Have a super week, x.

  6. You look gorgeous in all pics twin. Btw I also had a break for the first time in a few years the week before you and it does remind you how we put pressure in ourselves to post but the world doesn't stop if we don't . We should all take breaks more often. I'm glad you took time out. Hugs twin xx

    1. Well, of course you had a break too, we are twins after all and must have instinctively known to needed to shut up shop for a while. So right, we pile on the pressure but nobody misses us … though I missed my twin of course! Fancy taking a November break with me ?!!!
      Hugs, younger twin, x.

  7. I think I've been living in my own blogging bubble over the summer months (drop by to see why) and therefore this cocoon trend is new to me. However, I completely get it and now think it's on my wishlist too. I like the idea of a derriere covering, neck cosying shape for the chilly months ahead. Keep me informed if you find the perfect one...

    I do love the pink version and must say your shots are age defying my dear!

    Have a super weekend!
    Anna x

    1. Well, I DID pop over to your blog and boy, did you have some news to share! It's all happening for you right now!
      Bum coverage is good, but not too much. I've just taken a break from a Next try on; chunky jumpers, lovely but unless my bum has dropped down to my knees, the bum coversage is a tad excessive. Need a re-think on chunky jumpers …
      Hugs, sweetie, have a fabulously star-like week! X.

  8. Mary, you definitely need a break from blogging now and again. The danger is the longer you're away the harder it is to get back into it...

    Loved the first cardi - so snuggley and comfortable but still smart. I also loved the Zara one on you, too. A very pretty colour. At least you'll be able to stay warm AND stylish this winter.

    My favourite and warmest cardi is a cast off from eldest grandson. From Topman(!) navy with yellow and white stripes,in a fair isle pattern and with a shawl collar; I look like a very warm bear in it!

    Have a great week.

    1. Wise words from one who does take breaks … with each day I found I was distancing myself more and more. Maybe I need to find my own Sligo ...
      I'm pleased you like the pink cardis, thanks, but yours sounds so special and was a provenance!
      Have a huggly week, my fried, x.

  9. I suffered from those windy shots too! I think a lot of us did. Love the cardi though. Popping over for a read at Kelly Ann's xx

    1. Yes, Laurie, the wind has been relentless, but you look glam in wind or calm. We went to neighbouring Herm recently and most pics have been binned as my hair was flying 90/180 degrees and often over my face (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!!). Thanks for your kindness, Kellyann wrote a good piece on blogging so hope you enjoy your visit. Sweet hugs coming your way, x.

  10. I love your big roomy cardi. I guess cocoon jackets have evolved into having set in sleeves now. When I think cocoon, I have an image of Poiret's big bat-wing coats. These are much refined. I think I have one that I knitted in the early 90's that I need to get out.

    I jumped over and read Kellyann's post and feel the same way. I have officially been blogging since 2009 and doing this fashion thing for three years come this January. I am ready and am going to take a very long vacation from blogging. My problem is that, at heart, I am a maker and I thought I could blog and create at the same time. It hasn't quite worked out that way and I have found myself getting pretty frustrated about it.

    I will still read and enjoy my friends' blogs but only want to write if I have a really good idea or have finished a project that I want to share.

    That's about it, I think except, I think these big cardis are due for their comeback and they make you, as usual carry them out with your usual casual chic. Take care xox, Terri

    1. Dearest Terri,please hook out that handknitted cardi and get cocooning! My image of them is from the silver screen, the film Cocoon, I have an image of the guys jumping in a pool each time I think of these cardis.
      But oh Terri, what can of worms have I opened? I'm so sad to think of you leaving my world.
      Blogs do take up a lot of time,yes, time that can be put to more constructive things. I like the writing side and I like that the world is my penpal, for the friendship are an unexpected bonus. I like that I think about what I wear day to day, so the blog has smartened up my act. But it sucks up so much time so I'm trying to think of ways to improve the process and ways to leverage off what I do, because I want more time for painting, sewing and homemaking etc.
      I've noticed that you put a huge amount of work into your posts, probably because you're like me and want to give it your all. Perhaps we need to try to reduce our content and Lighten The Burden Of Blogging. I'm really hoping you keep posting. Perhaps a compilation of your lovely IG pics once a month, leveraging off what you post there? And then any projects and creations can be a feature post? Just trying to think of ways to keep you in my life!!!
      Hugs my love, x.