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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Retirement Dressing AW18 - The Slouchy Jumper

 Hello there, my lovelies!
Hope all goes well in your world.
My world of attempted consistency is falling apart.  I planned to post this yesterday, then had a nail-in-a-tyre saga that took up a huge amount of the day.  My lovely neighbour stepped in and saved me.  He saved me from the mice last year.  #bestneighbourEVER!  When all was sorted, I just wanted to have a coffee and cuddle the cat.  So today I give you …

The Jumper

The jumper is a core staple in the retirement wardrobe.  Retirement dress code is essentially smart casual and that's exactly what a jumper is.  
It can be super casual, worn long and loose.  
It can be timeless and stylish worn with pearls, or a same-coloured cardi to create a twinset (yes, I still like those, even though the 1950s are lonnnng past!)
It can be special occasion wear -  a few frills, a metallic yarn or embellishments like scattered pearls or a few sequins.
But essentially, the jumper provides a warm hug in the colder months, and looks equally good worn with - 

Pics in this post have been sourced from Pinterest unless otherwise stated.


Zara website


Or a skirt.

The Slouchy Jumper

My focus today is on the long and loose variety as I busily prepare for the chilly season. 
Going through gruelling hours of wardrobe switching sure ain't fun but it has to be done, eh ladies?
During the process I need to identify any chuck-outs and any gaps (and of course there will be gaps eh girls?!).  Gaps have already been noted in the jumper section and that's no surprise as the jumper is a little winter workhorse and even more so in retirement world.  So it's no surprise that they are the winter wardrobe casualties too - they become worn out or just plain overworn, they get bobbled, begin to look a bit tired and lifeless, and maybe even a bit dated.
So I'm also keeping an eye out for any new trends I like the look of because some new styles can suit the older woman too.

The Slouchy Jumper is a big trend that syncs nicely with my taste and the life I lead now (😉).  Preferably in neutral as then the jumper can go in so many directions with just a simple change of accessories.
But I've discovered there's a fine balance to slouchy -
slouchy can so easily become grunge,
and that's where I was at the beginning of this blogging journey - wearing grunge casual rather than smart because that was the only way I knew how to do casual.

So, I want the smarter end of slouchy and in a neutral colour.
Here's what found.  Apologies for the pics, right now I'm even more technically challenged than normal.  And beware, the forecast here is
"Slouchy with a risk of Grungey Granny"!

My Try-ons

(Pics, Next website.)

And here's how they looked.

The V neck

The funnel neck.

I think they need returning.  I am 5'3-4".  Next must use 6' models.
Right now, I'm unsure if going down a couple of sizes will remedy the length.
You see, I want to love them.  They are a cashmere blend and beautifully soft  The colour is just about perfect and if neutral were a tin, this is what it would say on it.
But there is definitely a risk of Grungey Granny with these slouchies!

My Inspo Board

Credit, jagta8, HERE

Finer knit alternatives

Oh that's me - it appears I already have finer knit!  #nogapstherethen😖.

The Slouchy Jumper Pitfall

Slouchy and uber long tend to go together in a designer's mind.  On my shorter body an inch too long and long jumper can become short dress (not a good look with dumpy legs!).

I already have two of those so I don't want another slouchy that morphs into a dress on a whim. 
And I want a slouchy that doesn't need tweaking with a belt or a tuck. 
A Slouchy must stand up for itself, without a support team.

The two jumpers above can handle the transition from jumper to dress because the knit is sturdier.  A soft knit will look untethered and just plain grungey.  Like a sack tied in the middle (credit, TP).
So the hunt is still on.

There IS A Slouchy Jumper cheat !

A Slouchy cardi with pin.

Cheating aside, the Slouchy Jumper hunt is still on because I want to be looking cosy like this in a few weeks from now.

Credit Jagta8, HERE

I charited away a similar pinkie just a couple of months ago.

So, my dear reader, it's over to you!
How are you doing with your SS to AW switch?
What's your preference in jumpers?  Is Slouchy something you've tried?  Liked? Can't keep out of?
Or do you prefer finer,, more fitted jumpers?
I'd love to hear from you.

Oh and I'm popping lots of likes into my PINTEREST folders, as you can imagine.
And as for INSTAGRAM (HERE) , well I'm loving the ease of posting simple little snippets each day.
Please pop over to see what's going on - and maybe follow me there and on the blog too and then
let's have a little fun on this journey together!

A la perchoine, my lovelies,


  1. I love slouchy and wish I could wear it but being short it is a struggle and I'm shorter than you dear older twin. Do note that bobble trend is still in so your old jumpers could still be used and just call them the bobble trend hack. I'm so glad my last blog inspired an outfit by the way and hope you are blogging that as it looks great on you on IG.

    1. Oh twin, love your idea of the hack, trouble is the bobbling tends to be localised rather than uniform, so it's like bobble camo.
      Yes, these slouchies are a non-starter for us. Shame.
      My dear twin, your post has inspired not one but a whole video full of outfits - thanks for the challenge, I'm having fun with this on IG!
      Have a fabulous weekend, x.

  2. I like the idea of slouchy but I always end up belting them because they make me look huge, indeed "slouchy with a risk of grungey Granny"! But I love the pics you've shown of lovely neutral slouchies with scarves. It looks so cosy. Good luck with your search! xx

    1. Well that's the thing, eh Gail, it's either grunge or belting and I think a jumper should essentially be able got stand up on its own.
      I tell you, I may not find the perfect slouch for my frame but boy am I having fun researching the gorgeous outfits on social media!
      Have a fabulous weekend, x.

  3. I rather liked the V necked jumper on you, Mary.....

    I don't possess a single slouchy jumper and I'm not a huge fan of jumpers on me anyway.

    Good luck in your search!

    1. Yes, Vronni, that was the better fit IRL, but still sooo long.
      Well I've not noticed that you don't like jumpers, I expect you make your layers thicker in winter to compensate. Clever!
      Have a fabulous weekend, x.

  4. You have opened a real can of worms for me here. Well I like slouchy sweaters as you can wear a layer or 2 underneath to keep warm. I have recently purchased a nice green sweater with a high-low hem and this maybe a better way to go for those of us vertically challenged. I am 5'4" and slimmish. I have found that you need to get on the case early if you want colour other than grey or black. I do live in western Canada wear sweaters are essential for winter and the choice is not as good as in Europe.

    1. Your green hi-lo sounds lovely, Christy, and a good solution for our height, though the one I tried above even has a very low hi !
      Funny but I've always imagined you living in America, so you've got even more snow to contend with up in Canada. I'm really surprised that the selection isn't at least as big as ours, considering that jumpers are essential wear for so many months.
      Have a fabulous weekend, x.

  5. Love the V neck on you. You Pinterest pics are similiar to mine, I love slouchy jumpers but being tall makes them easier to wear than fitted. I have recently bought some very reasonably priced slouchy jumpers from H&M Basics inc. a cashmere V neck, I sized up but they are I think great value for money.

    1. Thanks Lin. Oh isn't there wonderful inspo around, our likes sound similar.
      I'm going to have to size down on these slouchies but thanks for the heads up on Hennes, I'm going over to the mainland next month so will pop in there for a look-see. Well that's no hardship eh?! I agree with you on sizing up in that store.
      Have a fabulous weekend, x.

  6. Forgot to mention that I also went down a size as on the website it mentioned that the sweater was on the large side.

    1. Hi again! Funny you say that cos I've noticed a lot of US sites say that about slouchy cardis and, jumpers. What not just label them a smaller size to save confusion eh?!
      Hugs, x.

  7. The is only sweet slouch going on here. Only slouch SENSATIONAL! Consensus I LOVE the V neck too!

    1. Thanks, my sensational sister! I agree with you guys too. The V has a better shape, albeit shapeless!
      Have a fabulous weekend, x.