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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Tuesday Travel - Imperial at Pleinmont

I continue to travel my doorstep.  No airport delays, no currency exchange risk, no packing panic, none of that.  Just choose a location,  decide what to wear, point the car in the general direction and go!

So some weeks ago I did just that.  It was a lovely evening so the choice was easy - the Imperial at Pleinmont.  The drive along the west coast on an evening like this is spectacular, and it certainly feels like I'm on holiday as soon as I feel the wind through my hair, as I drive along the red granite coastline in my new open-top.  
Yes, this was out first evening out in our convertible so I just had to max out on the experience by choosing the furtherest possible destination from my house!

What to wear was easy too.  Ultra violet.  Dress from Madeleine, cardi from M&S.

And we did our point and go and headed down to the island's furthest south-westerly destination, Pleinmont.

But who needs a cardi on an evening like this?

We were greeted by the friendly duo made up of A and J.

The view from our table was just perfect.

We ate early so the restaurant indoors was quiet.

Dunno why I do these selfies, but it just feels right.

My nails were shellac'ed in a summery pink with a glitter overlay.
My nailist told me they said "take me out".
I told The Photographer the story, whose take was that she and I had cooked up a cunning ploy to get me wined and dined.
I then used any and every opportunity to flash my glitter nails in front of The Photographer.  "What do these nails say to you?" I asked on repeat. "Collusion" was his answer, also on repeat.

What it took for him to actually take me out was a flashy new car!

I had a delicious crab salad.  It was huge!

TO had a yummy seafood fritto misto.  I, er, 'helped' him with the chunky chips!

We later went out on the deck, from where this beautiful view can be s I asked in - as a sip or two of chilled white is soaked in.

The outside eating area is dog-friendly.

The Imperial - lovely food, lovely staff, lovely location.
If you're an islander or an island visitor, A and J and the team are waiting to give you a pleasant experience out Pleinmont way.

And then, because we dine early, we could enjoy the drive and the views all the way back home again.
Here, Fort Grey, known locally as 'the cup and saucer', for that is what it looks like.

A la perchoine.


  1. You always look like you’re on vacation with views like that-& that crab salad-oh my heavens!

    1. Hi Terri, I'd like to be in a position where I can say "retirement is like permanent vacation"; I can't right now but I'm working on it! Is that what it feels like to you, I'm wondering ... Hugs my sweet, x.

  2. Your island looks fabulous! Love the view from the restaurant. I must put it on my 'places to visit' list! You look fabulous in the ultraviolet combo too. X

    1. Oh so sweet, Linda, my island thanks you and hopes that it makes it on to your list! Isn't that colour super for the more mature lady? Have a nice day, hugs x.

  3. Well when traveling your doorstep includes all these beautiful places then heck yes!!! I must make it to your island one fine day!

    1. Yes, indeedy, my sweet, and no pressure but the island is holding its breath, just wishin' and a-hopin' for you to grace our shores! Hugs sweet sista, x.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a lovely little "trip". Those blue skies and that food looked divine. You my friend were pretty darn cute too. XOXO

    1. Why thank you, my camo cutie. It certainly feels like a trip now, open-top-driving along our Atlantic west coast - it's our potted version of your Pacific Coast Highway! Hugs and have a super Thursday, x.

  5. Oh blimey, I so want to eat that salad - it looks amazing, bet it tasted great. Thanks for sharing your day - your nails looks super btw. Hope you'll join the #chicandstylish #linkup Hun. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. You probably get lots of fresh crab around Whitstable too? I love crab. The salad is my silver, I always hand out the gold to the simple crab sarnie 😋. Hugs, x.